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Take the challenge, part 5

Assist us by answering one (or more!) of these questions!

Do you consider yourself to be a networking expert? Test your knowledge and offer your opinion or advice by responding to the latest Challenge set. Review this list or visit the Networking Challenge forum to answer the latest Challenge questions and compete against your peers for a $25 gift certificate to our bookstore! We'll announce our next Challenge winner on Friday, Sept. 27th.

CHALLENGE #21: --> --> --> --> .ZUHQaPLzpYS.24@.1dcf90b3/176>Frame length of packets sent over the Internet
Question as presented to our experts:
I need some clarification -- over a WAN data is send by frames. When I think of frames I think of Ethernet II and the like. I know that Ethernet II has a frame length of 1518 bytes, but it has a small header. People have told me that the header of the frames that go over the Internet amount to 40 bytes. My question is: Are the frames over the Internet like Ethernet II and thus hold less data or are the frames greater to hold the same data, and what is the actual frame length (and max) of packets sent over the Internet?
Question submitted by Jan

CHALLENGE #22: Install Wi-Fi and maintain bandwidth
Question as presented to our experts:
I am not an expert so please bear with me -- how can I connect eight floors of an eight story building using Wi-Fi AP's and not lose any bandwidth on the AP's?
Question submitted by Sal

CHALLENGE #23: Confused about full duplex communication
Question as presented to our experts:
Why don't NICs set at 100Mbps full duplex communicate with a LAN that runs at 10Mbps full duplex?
Question submitted by Wesley

CHALLENGE #24: Developing backbone to connect networks
Question as presented to our experts:
I have to develop a backbone to connect a network together. There are 5 networks currently at stand-alone. Can you help me find this on the Internet?
Question submitted by Jeremy

CHALLENGE #25: What is the best way to create a long-range WLAN
Question as presented to our experts:
I am looking for the best way to create an ultra long-range (up to 150 km) WLAN. The APs will have direct eyesight (no buildings or mountains in between). What would be the best way to do that?
Question submitted by Gilad

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