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Quick Takes: Cisco boosts router's power

Quick Takes: Cisco boosts router's power.

Cisco boosts router's power

Cisco Systems Inc. announced this week that it has doubled the processing speed of its 7200 Series mid-range router using its Network Processing Engine (NPE-G1). According to Cisco, this will allow customers to retain their 7200 series infrastructure while taking advantage of higher speeds.

Cisco Systems Inc.

VoIP with your old phones

CITEL Technologies, the Seattle Wash.-based IP telephony provider announced a promotion with Santa Clara, Calif.-based 3Com Corp. designed to save customers with Nortel phones money when switching to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). The arrangement will allow customers to use CITEL's Internet protocol (IP) handset gateway when switching to a 3Com VoIP system. The gateway will allow users to retain many of their Nortel phones, thereby avoiding a significant portion of the cost of switching to VoIP.

Citel Technologies

Is it live or is it VoIP?

Witness Systems, a Roswell, Ga.-based provider of performance optimization software, announced a new product that allows recording of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) communication. Witness said the extended functionality for its equality software will allow call centers to monitor calls in VoIP environment just as they do on traditional circuit switched systems.

Witness Systems

WLAN security

Funk Software, a Cambridge, Mass-based wireless security provider, announced a new version of its RADIUS servers which adds wireless local area network (wLAN) security, management and integration. The security system conforms to the 802.1x security standard. It Odyssey v1.1 is targeted toward smaller businesses. The Steel-Belted Radius v4.0 is appropriate for larger organizations that may need to integrate remote users into their system.

Funk Software

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