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Take the challenge, part 4

Here's our fourth set of challenge questions. These are genuine questions submitted to our expert by our members.

Here's's fourth set of challenge questions. These are genuine questions submitted to our expert...

by our members.

If you can assist us by answering one of the questions below, click on the hyperlink associated with the question and you'll go directly to that specific question within our Network Challenge discussion forum.

CHALLENGE #16: --> --> --> --> .CAaaaE40piR.18@.1dcf90b3/153>Where does an integrated T-1 terminate?
Question as presented to our experts:
I have asked many technicians this question but have not yet received a straight answer. I know that a voice T-1 connects at the CO and a full data T-1 connects at the ISP PoP -- but where does an integrated T-1 (voice and data) terminate? Does it connect at the CO and the ISP connects at the switch somehow or does it connect at the CO and then split off the channels at the switch and send the data channels to the ISP via an associated telephone number?
Question submitted by Kim

CHALLENGE #17: What are end-to-end IP based networks?
Question as presented to our experts:
I want to know what end-to-end IP based networks means. A simple explanation would be most appreciated.
Question submitted by Manjula

CHALLENGE #18: Suggestions needed to connect two buildings 250 meters apart
Question as presented to our experts:
We have to network our Thermal power station. The distance between the 2 buildings to be connected are approx. 250 meters.

We don't have budget for the Optical Fiber Cable.

Is it possible to connect the 2 buildings with CAT 5 cable with a combination of RJ11 (telephone wire)? Someone has suggested that RJ11 can transmit the data to more then 200 meters at the same rate of 100M bits/sec as that of CAT5 without data loss (The Application to be used on this network is on MS SQL Server 2000.)

We are concerned about the high-tension wires in that area and the thermo electric distortion all around. What possible solutions might be suitable to this situation?
Question submitted by Arun

CHALLENGE #19: Connecting Ethernet to Token Ring
Question as presented to our experts:
If a customer wants to connect an Ethernet device to a Token Ring network, is there a product that would allow us to do it. I understand that if they are using some of Switches that Madge networks makes (Deskstream Switches), and they should be able to interconnect the two technologies, however this is not an option.
Question submitted by Ivan

CHALLENGE #20: Criteria for using fiber optic cable
Question as presented to our experts:
We are considering building a new laboratory building. What criteria should be evaluated in order to make a decision using fiber optic cable or not?
Question submitted by Ove

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