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Take the challenge, part 3

Take the challenge, part 3 members have come out full force in assisting their peers with the questions we've posted in our first two challenges. We'd like to remind you that these are genuine questions submitted to our experts by our members. Our experts at times get inundated with questions, and can not possibily answer them all. That's where you come in.

If you can answer one of the questions below, click on the hyperlink associated with that question and you'll go directly to that specific question within our Network Challenge discussion forum.

CHALLENGE #11: --> --> --> --> .VjwgaNU5pYx.28@.1dcf90b3/138>Recording conversations over VoIP
Question as presented to our experts:
I'm a developer and I'm trying to develop an application that would record the conversation over VoIP. Do you know of any reference where I can find information on this?
Question submitted by Manrique

CHALLENGE #12: Bandwidth utilization
Question as presented to our experts:
I have a 50 Ethernet circuit going from my switch to a Nortel ADM over a fiber span to another Nortel ADM to my switch. How can I find out my bandwidth utilization quickly and with old school math by using commands in my router or switch? Basically are there any specific equations from the Show Int command?
Question submitted by Jim

CHALLENGE #13: 10BaseT Ethernet – Both star and bus configs?
Question as presented to our experts:
One of the MCSE training books I read mentioned that 10BaseT Ethernets are both star and bus. It seems like a straight star to me though. Do hubs for a network like this operate like a bus? Some clarification of how 10BaseT Ethernet works would be great.
Question submitted by Chrys

CHALLENGE #14: Cisco class project – what does ST-SC and SC-SC stand for?
Question as presented to our experts:
I am doing a class project for a Cisco class. The project involves putting together a cost effective WAN. So I have been looking into the backbone setup, I believe that fiber would be the obvious route. When I went to certain web sites for prices, I was confronted with the choice of Simplex ST-SC, Simplex SC-SC, Duplex ST-SC,or Duplex SC-SC. I understand the difference between Simplex and Duplex, but what does the ST-SC - SC-SC stand for?
Question submitted by Michael

CHALLENGE #15: Roundup of certification providers
Question as presented to our experts:
Do you know where I can get a roundup of the certification providers? I'm looking for a program for my new hire that will guarantee successful passing of the Microsoft MCSA/MCSE exams (or at least one that has a broad exam re-take policy).
Question submitted by Rik

We'd like to remind you that every two weeks, the editors review the forum posts and award the member with the most valid posts a $25 gift certificate to our bookstore. Last week we awarded our first $25 book certificate to "rgptallc." Rgptallc responded to our challenge question #9 on transmission rates.
.MjIeagJfpAf.0@.1dcf90b3/127>Check out the winning post here.

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