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Take the challenge, part 1

Go on, take our challenge.

Our Ask the Expert section on receives a large amount of questions on a daily basis, and our experts can only answer a portion of them. So, we've decided to challenge our members with a weekly Ask the Expert challenge. Each week we'll present new questions that were posed to our experts, and we challenge you to be our expert by answering the member submitted questions. If you can answer the question, click on the hyperlink on the question -- that will take you directly to that specific question within our Network Challenge discussion forum.

Can you help? Go ahead, send in your response ... we challenge you. We'll award the member with the most valid posts a $25 gift certificate to our bookstore. Hope you join in on the fun!

Challenge #1:
--> .YhSjaHsMog0.9@.1dcf90b3/94>How do you prevent packet sniffers?
Question as presented:
I have a Web site that has been threatened with packet sniffers from an individual. How do I prevent this from happening and is this something to be worried about?

Challenge #2:
Which 802.11 technology is better?
Question as presented:
I'm implementing a Long Range Wireless LAN to users that are in my geographical area (1-2 miles), with a lot of users (more than 50). All of the users will be using an Encrypted VPN tunnel to a VPN Server in a DMZ for access.

I concerned about performance. I've seen some of the current products perform, and they usually just die (no traffic for several seconds/minutes), when subjected to heavy use. Most of the Access Point products use half-duplex, the cause of the problem.

Some of the newer Access Point products talk about supporting Time Division Duplexing (TDD), and/or TurboCell technology from, to overcome the problems of half-duplex.

I'd like to use 802.11a, as it doesn't (as yet) suffer from congestion, unlike 802.11b. It uses OFDM technology, but I haven't found a suitable vendor that has outdoor or long range (> 1mile) capabilities. Most of these products are for indoor use.

Challenge #3:
--> --> .ChoaaMdfoBh.11@.1dcf90b3/99>Which certification have you benefited from?
Question as presented:
What do you think is the prospect of a Microsoft database admin certification as compared to Oracle's.

Challenge #4:
Which programming language is used to implement a portal for PDAs?
Question as presented:
I am going to implement a portal for PDAs for the first time. I wonder whether you could help me in identifying the technologies available in order to implement the portal so that is accessible by PDAs and the way it could communicate with a database.

What is the programming language mainly used for that purpose and is it really different than usual Web programming?

Challenge #5:
Which certification would you recommend for a newbie?
Question as presented:
I am currently getting my associates degree at a Technical School for computer networking and systems administration. After I get my degree, what would you think would be the next step -- go out and try and find a job or stay in school and work on getting certifications? And if certifications are the answer, which ones should I start with? I have had no experience at all.

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