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Profiles in Networking: Robert Shimonski

A series of profiles on networking professionals who stand out from an already elite pack continues with networking engineer Robert Shimonski

Name: Robert Shimonski

Lives: Minneola, N.Y.

Job title: Lead network and security engineer, Thomson Industries, manufacturer of linear motion products, co-author of books including "Sniffer Pro Network Optimization and Troubleshooting Handbook" and site expert on network management.

Robert Shimonski, network engineer, author

Age: 28

Education: Bachelor's in finance, State University New York, Old Westbury

Work experience: Network architect, Cendant. Rebuilt the Avis Rent-a-Car core network

First home computer: Commodore 64.

Toughest networking crisis: I've been in a lot of crises, but the one I think about the most was when a core switch completely blew out on me. We had a big power surge and a stack of hubs and switches cabled together was not protected and we lost the rack. In one day and one long night, we went from a Nortel to a Cisco platform. I've had a hundred of those types of crises.

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Favorite piece of hardware or software: Sniffer Pro, Network Associates. I use that thing religiously. Hardware, PIX Firewall from Cisco. It's easy to use and very secure.

Non-computer job experience: Four years in the U.S. Marine Corps working on helicopters.

Hobbies: I'll snowboard anywhere, but my favorite place is Killington, Vt.

Favorite song: "TK"

Favorite movie: "Star Wars," the whole thing. I'm a "Star Wars" guy.

Favorite book: "Anything" by Clive Barker.

Favorite Web site:

Networking mentor: Martin Grasdal started me on my writing career. He's the director of I e-mailed his site, he replied and gave me my first writing assignment. I've been writing ever since

Advice for new networking administrators: Document, study and read. This is a profession; we are not blue-collar workers. We are in an ever-changing field and if you don't read, you're dead.

What do like best about this work: It's just as crazy as brain surgery. If you're someone who gets bored quickly, like me, then this is the field for you.

What you like the least: The hours. To be good, you've got to be obsessed with it.

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