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Quick Takes: A wireless world

This week's industry news roundup includes a new access point for wireless networks, research pinpointing wireless' impact on the automotive industry, and new mobile back up and synchronization software.

New access point for wireless networks

The Taiwan-based National Datacomm Corp. released a new access point for Texas Instrument's 802.11b+ wireless local area network. Traditional 802.11b networks run at 11 mbs. Texas instrument's system doubles that speed to 22 mbs. This system also features improved security with a 256-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy encryption.

National Datacomm Corp.

Wireless networks will change driving

According to a report by Oyster Bay, N.Y.-based research firm Allied Business Intelligence, wireless networks like Bluetooth and WiFi will soon become an everyday part of the automobile. This fall, Chrysler's UConnect Bluetooth car kit will mark the Ericsson-developed local wireless network's first commercial foray into the automobile. The report says that services such as toll collection, commerce and entertainment will have to wirelessly target the car of the future.

Allied Business Intelligence

Mobile workers synch up faster

Mobiliti, Inc, an Edison, N.J.-based mobile synchronization company, released a back up and synchronization application for mobile workers this week. The Network/Unplugged 4.0 logs changes to files on the network as they occur in the field. Mobiliti says that synchronization times can be dramatically reduced.


Traffic manager tackles more complex networks

Mountain View, Calif.-based Network Physics, which develops network management tools, released a new product designed to monitor and analyze high speed network traffic in real time. The NP 1000 traffic manager also provides trouble-shooting tools and is focused on more complex networks that combine public, private and VPN services.

Network Physics

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