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Quick Takes: Shoring up wireless LANs

In this week's Quick Takes, iDEFENSE, a security consulting firm, has issued a report that lists the top threats to wLANs and some tips for making them more secure.

Study identifies wLAN vulnerabilities

iDEFENSE, a Chantilly, Va., security consulting firm, released a report that details the top threats to wireless LANs and outlines some common sense tips for making wLAN's more secure. The report¹s authors offer up a list of do's and don't's including suggesting that users avoid transmitting wLAN signals into public spaces, or relying solely on WEP [wired equivalent privacy] encryption.

iDEFENSE's Web site

Net6 sends e-mail to multiple devices

Net6, a San Jose, Calif. ASP, announced the release of its Mobile E-mail Module which works with Microsoft's Exchange messaging server to push e-mail to mobile and wired devices including IP phones, Pocket PC devices, pagers and cell phones.

Net6's Web site

Wavelink improves WLAN security

Wavelink, a Kirkland, Wash., mobile infrastructure provider, introduced two products designed to improve the security of wireless LANs. The first addresses the vulnerabilities in Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) by rotating keys so that hackers will have less time to break the encryption. The other monitors both the wired and wireless LAN for unauthorized users.

Wavelink's Web site

Network management on a browser

Netaphor Software, Inc. Irvine, Calif., released its MetaConsole network device management console. It lets network administrators manage routers, digital printers and other devices through an interface running on any java-enabled browser. It works with major management platforms including Microsoft Management Console, Hewlett-Packard's OpenView, Tivoli NetView and Computer Associates's Unicenter.

Netaphor's Web site

Vertical Networks synchs up remote offices

Vertical Networks, Sunnyvale, Calif, released its Distributed and Networked Applications Framework. The product centralizes the management of remote office systems while allowing local branches to customize applications. It supports packet and circuit switched PBXs, Ethernet LAN and Voice over IP systems.

Vertical Networks' Web site

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