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Quick Takes: Remote network management

Quick Takes: Remote network management

Alcatel announces new remote controlled optical amplifier for easier network management. There is more in this round up of news and company announcements.

Alcatel makes new remote controlled optical amp

French networking maker Alcatel is providing a new line of remote controlled dense wave division multiplexing (optical amplifiers. Key parameters such as power, gain,and pump current can be monitored and adjusted without on-site intervention by network managers, the company said.


Lucent announces speedy new network adapters

Lucent Technologies, of Murray Hill, N.J., is offering new OptiStar e.Series network adapters. Using the OptiStar e.Series Network Adapters, service providers will be able to analyze and react to intrusion attempts and attack profiles at OC-48/STM-16 optical rates (2.5 Gbps) incorporating this protection into the core of the network rather than relying on more expensive end-point analysis, the company said.


Genuity provides faster network to MIT

Network service provider Genuity Inc., Woburn, Mass., is providing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with its new Internet Advantage OC-12 (Optical Carrier Level 12) Internet access service. MIT will now be able to grow to the equivalent of more than 500 T-1 lines, with speeds 13,500 times faster than that of a standard 56K dial-up modem.


ZyXel ships new router

ZyXel Communications of Taiwan is now selling its new Prestige 650 series ADSL router. The device supports the multi-mode ADSL standards, which offers auto-sensing between full-rate and G.Lite standards according to the central office switch or Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplier.


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