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VisEdge an alternative to VPN

Markham, Ontario-based is promising fast deployment and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with it's secure private network (SPN) products.

Markham, Ontario-based is promising fast deployment and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with it's secure private network (SPN) products.

The company's VisEdge line is part of an integrated enterprise software application that is an alternative to traditional virtual private networks (VPNs.)

VisEdge integrates various distinct network architectures into a single platform, including: intranets, extranets, web based services and peer-to-peer networks.

"We build old-fashioned Net access by leveraging existing assets through automation," said John MacKinnon, CEO and founder of "Our value proposition is a stronger, lower, TCO, rather than return on investment (ROI.)

The SPN at the heart of the VisEdge system does not require any new client software Users can be set up remotely in less than a minute, according to MacKinnon.

VisEdge, installed on the desktop connects with company-based servers, called StrongView, in establishing both device authentication and password verification. Once the device and user are cleared, VisEdge steps aside, transferring the user to a peer-to-peer, secure tunnel, and access is granted to predetermined elements of the company network.

"Lately there has been an insurgence of alternatives to VPN that are simpler and more cost effective -- with an emphasis on 'simple,'" said Jeff Phillips, director of consulting for TeleChoice. "The biggest focus is dealing with a lot of users in a simple way."

Phillips says vendors like are taking advantage of this need, by offering a package that keeps things simple while leveraging other components on the network.

Available since December, the company currently has a half-dozen clients using VisEdge. Among them is Accolade, a Toronto-based garment decorator that serves the fashion industry. The company has about 200 employees.

Accolade's CFO Harvey Ngo tried VisEdge on a trial basis, and liked what he saw.

The ease of implementation was a bonus, said Ngo. "I don't have to send any discs out to users. I can just give them an instruction sheet."

Once users download the software, a virtual certificate is placed on the user's computer. That way it doesn't matter where you're logging in from. You can just click on the Web and find your way back to the server."

"The bottom line is that it works," said Ngo. "The price was as-advertised. I was able to try it on a 30-day trial with no up-front costs."

"VisEdge provides the user with seamless access to network without having to learn anything new," said MacKinnon. "That adds to workers' productivity."

The cost of VisEdge Intranet is currently $3,500 per server, with a two-server minimum, and $250 per license (client.)


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