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Quick Takes: NetWorld+Interop edition

Emulex and Cisco demonstrate iSCSI solutions at N+I 2001

Emulex announced it has partnered with Cisco Systems to jointly demonstrate iSCSI technology at NetWorld+Interop (N+I), May 8 - 11, 2001. Emulex, which recently-announced its Giganet GN9000/SI iSCSI HBA, will host a product showcase with Cisco to demonstrate how block-level data may be accessed, via iSCSI technology, from a Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN), running over an Internet protocol (IP) network. The recently introduced Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router bridges the IP network to the Fibre Channel SAN, enabling the access of block-level storage. The emerging iSCSI standard enables SCSI-based block level storage to be remotely accessed over IP networks, allowing the convergence of Fibre Channel and IP storage networks. This new technology has received broad industry support, which was reinforced in March by the Storage Networking Industry Association's creation of its IP Storage Forum. Several leading companies, including Cisco Systems, Inc., IBM, Brocade Communications and others, have joined the SNIA IP Storage Forum, and are committed to bringing interoperable network storage solutions to a broader market. Emulex's new iSCSI products will implement the iSCSI and TCP/IP protocols in both hardware and firmware on a gigabit Ethernet HBA to ensure high performance, flexibility and low CPU utilization. The Emulex iSCSI products will support its SLI application programming interface (API), which is supported by its LightPulse Fibre Channel products.


Asante features new Gigabit Ethernet and router technologies at N+I

Asante Technologies will showcase router and Gigabit Ethernet technologies in booth No. 8129 at the Networld+Interop tradeshow in Las Vegas May 8-10. Asante is highlighting its line of cable/DSL routers, including the newly released FriendlyNET FR3004C, which contains a redundant modem port -- enabling customers to upgrade from a v.90 56K analog modem and still keep it as a back-up modem. Asante will also preview its new wireless router, the FriendlyNET FR3002AL, a 2-port 10/100 switch with integrated print server and optional wireless connection.


VBrick Systems Demonstrates Streaming DVD at N+I

VBrick Systems, a manufacturer of DVD-quality network video appliances, will demonstrate its new MPEG-2 "Streaming DVD" products at the Networld+Interop Conference and Exhibition. The demonstration will be presented in the VBrick booth, #555 during the show. VBrick will showcase its new Model 4300, a dual, real-time MPEG-2 encoding appliance. The 4300 simultaneously streams two MPEG-2 audio/video DVD-quality television channels to desktops and TV monitors over an IP network. VBrick will also be showing the award-winning StreamPlayerII software, which decodes full-screen MPEG-2 video without hardware assistance. VBrick will also be conducting an Optical Wireless network demonstration with Texas Instruments. Using TIs' optical wireless technology, VBrick will be showing how DVD-quality MPEG-2 video can be delivered practically anywhere. The demonstration will also be conducted in the VBrick booth.


Laurel Networks to participate in MPLS interoperability lab at N+I

Laurel Networks, an edge-optimized router provider for IP/MPLS networks, will participate in the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) area of the InteropNet Labs (iLabs) at NetWorld+Interop. The iLabs is NetWorld+Interop's test bed addressing advanced protocol development and vendor interoperability. As an iLabs participant, Laurel will demonstrate its Routing Control System (RCS) software interoperating with MPLS at the edge of an IP/MPLS network environment. The demo will highlight MPLS signaling protocols, including Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), the underlying mechanism for distributing labels between routers, and Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), a protocol that enables edge routers and MPLS switches to establish Label Switched Paths (LSPs) with bandwidth reservations. In the demonstration, Laurel's RCS software will demonstrate Internet routing with BGP-4 and long-haul Ethernet transport across a multi-vendor IP/MPLS backbone.

Laurel Networks

Quick Eagle Networks releases 4200 SDSL Ethernet bridge for LAN extension

At NetWorld+Interop 2001, Quick Eagle Networks has announced its broadband 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge. This product provides a 7 Mbps LAN extension of up to 11,000 feet on three copper pairs with up to layer 7 performance monitoring capabilities. The 4200 Ethernet Bridge is based on the architecture of Quick Eagle's 4200 IP Access Platform, but uses SDSL technology to provide multilink LAN extension on up to three lines. The product is also able to run the Quick Eagle Service Application Packs (SAP) developed for the 4200 and 5800 IP Access Platforms, including RMON-1 and 2 performance monitoring and, in the future, flexible port configuration SAPs to add flexibility to the device. Quick Eagle Networks' 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge features full link resiliency which will automatically insure the data rate matches the available link speed, ramping speed down if links are lost and restoring the speed as links are restored. The devices are also designed to interoperate with commercially available DSLAMs.

Quick Eagle Networks

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