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NetWorld+Interop 2001: Focus on networking's future

SearchNetworking is set to bring you special coverage from NetWorld+Interop 2001 in Las Vegas. Our N+I event page will feature breaking news as well as the latest product announcements from the show.

Las Vegas is the setting for NetWorld+Interop 2001, one of the largest networking events of the year. N+I will feature the usual wealth of new product releases, from some of the industry's biggest names, as well as some relative newcomers.

Keynote speakers include: Intel CEO Craig Barrett, Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande, co-founder and chairman of Sycamore Networks, Juniper Network's Scott Kriens, Cisco's James Richardson and SBC Communications' CTO Ross K. Ireland.

Network World's John Gallant will host a forum entitled "The Business Layer of IP". Panelists include some of the industry's top CEOs and analysts, who will adders the pressing issue of where is the money will come from, as the business layer of IP take shape. Panelists for the forum include: J. Michael Jenner, the GM of Global IP Network Services within AT&T's Data & Internet Services; Bobby Johnson Foundry CEO; Focal Communications CEO Robert Taylor; Tenor Networks president and CEO David Tolwinski, and David House, president and CEO of Allegro Networks.

All week, SearchNetworking will bring you coverage from the Las Vegas Convention Center floor. Check back to our N+I event page for news and the latest product announcements.


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