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Quick Takes: Unisys, Nortel unveil secure VPN

Unisys, Nortel unveil secure VPN for financial, govt., commercial markets

Unisys and Nortel have developed a virtual private network (VPN) solution - called Secure VPN - that is expected to help financial institutions, government departments and commercial enterprises conduct secure, cost-effective eBusiness over the Internet. Secure VPN is a comprehensive network security solution designed to enable financial, government and commercial institutions to conduct eBusiness over the high-performance Internet at lower cost than private networks with a high degree of security. As the central platform for Secure VPN, Nortel Networks Contivity provides tunneling and authentication capabilities for reliable network security and remote access at reduced costs. Contivity creates robust IP VPNs for businesses building managed secure networks, providing an 'all in one' VPN solution for remote access and site-to-site VPN services in a highly-scalable and highly-available platform.



Saratoga begins service on VoIP platform

Saratoga Telecom announced today that it has begun using its VoIP platform for commercial traffic. The new system will be used initially for providing only prepaid long distance calling programs, but will be followed very quickly by the introduction of enhanced calling features. These features will include services such as voice messaging, call conferencing, collaboration, unified messaging and virtual fax services. The new platform is a joint project with ipx Inc, a VoIP clearinghouse service provider, and the creator and administrator of T-Portal. In its current configuration, Saratoga can carry over 3 million minutes a month in commercial traffic. Plans are in place for a rapid deployment of increased networking capacity to over 10 million minutes per month by the addition of domestic facilities.


MaxOptix awarded 19th patent for Optical Super Density

Optical storage solutions provider MaxOptix announced that it has been awarded another patent for its Optical Super Density (OSD) technology, boosting the company's portfolio to 19 patent awards for its OSD-related innovations as MaxOptix prepares for customer shipments of OSD products later this year. MaxOptix was granted this latest patent for its Recessed Objective Lens (ROL) design, specifically a "Magneto optical recording apparatus with magnetic head decoupled from objective lens focus attention." The Recessed Objective Lens technology provides more reliable performance and reduces potential drive contamination. By decoupling the objective lens from the magnetic head in the vertical direction, OSD drives are able to perform continuous focus and tracking by controlling the exact height of the objective lens over the media under servo control. This improves the reliability of the drive by allowing it to adapt to a wider range of environmental conditions. Additionally, ROL enhances the head/disk interface's immunity to contamination and allows for continuous focus of the objective lens. Because the objective lens is recessed above the magnetic head, it is not subjected to particulate contamination that may be introduced into the drive during media insertion.


Ixia introduces fully integrated OC-192c Packet Over SONET

High-speed, multi-port network performance analysis systems provider Ixia has introduced what it calls the industry's first fully integrated OC-192c Packet Over SONET, OC-192c BERT and 10GBASE-W WAN analysis solution within a single interface Load Module. The Load Module provides an economical alternative to requiring separate OC-192c Packet Over SONET, OC-192c BERT and 10GBASE-W WAN Load Modules. The Ixia Load Module is designed to enhance the time-to-market and interoperability of 10GbE equipment, applications and services being developed and deployed by Optical Chip and Component Manufacturers, Internet and Network Service Providers, Network Equipment Manufacturers and Enterprise Users. In addition, Ixia is introducing a comprehensive, full wire-speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) family of performance verification products capable of generating and analyzing up to 15 million packets per second on each port. Ixia's new family of 10GbE Load Modules support IEEE 802.3ae compliant optical interfaces such as 10GBASE-R LAN, 10GBASE-X LAN WDM and 10GBASE-W WAN, as well as electrical interfaces such as XGMII and XAUI. These Load Modules enable performance verification of 10GbE PHYs, transceivers, switches and routers utilized in the LAN, MAN and WAN environments.


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