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Quick Takes: Equant introduces VoIP SLA for convergent VPN solution

Speedlink to provide multi-state connectivity and network solutions for Telesource

Speedlink announces it has been selected by Telesource to establish a multi-state, broadband connection between Telesource's Pontiac, Mich. headquarters and its Bensenville, Ill. repair division. Telesource is a re-manufacturer of circuit board-based technology, specializing in communications and computer equipment. Under the agreement, Speedlink will also provide additional connectivity services for Telesource's Illinois operations, implement a security firewall and configure the company's wide area network (WAN) to ensure optimal use of its broadband connections. The project will improve the overall efficiency of Telesource's communications by reducing the number of required interstate T-1 lines from three to two. Hardware and software upgrades will also improve data rates and lower long-terms operational costs for the Company. Speedlink, a Pontiac, Mich.-based provider of high-speed Internet connections for business, said the agreement includes the use of a multi-state T-1 connection capable of handing both voice and data.



Equant introduces VoIP SLA for convergent VPN solution

Equant announced today it will provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and reporting that will assure toll quality for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls that customers place on Equant's converged Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Equant offers managed VoIP as a feature of its integrated Voice and Data (iVAD) portfolio, which provides voice and data VPN services to multinational companies. In order to measure voice quality, Equant developed the Telephone Quality Analyzer (TQA) system. The TQA system evaluates the quality of a voice call by objectively measuring packet loss, latency and noise level. These key metrics are translated into a Mean Opinion Score and reported to the customer on a per-call basis along with the other performance metrics. Access to the SLA reports will be made available through Equant's online reporting services, iVISION and WEB-VISION. Customers can use this information not only to validate their SLAs, but also to engineer, size and manage the network.


Baltimore Technologies launches enhanced e-security hardware for web servers

E-security company Baltimore Technologies has announced availability of Baltimore SureWare Runner, the latest product in its next generation hardware security range. SureWare Runner provides enhanced security and performance for Web Servers utilizing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, accelerating the speed of connection and accessibility for customers using online services. SSL is the most widely deployed protocol for securing business transactions for online merchants, banks and Web sites requiring sensitive data to be exchanged over the Internet. However, the addition of SSL based security to web servers reduces the response times of online services, increasing the time taken for customers to transact business. Baltimore SureWare Runner is a highly scalable, highly secure, fault tolerant, Ethernet-based product providing accelerated SSL connections for web servers including iPlanet webserver and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). It has the processing power to set up and operate multiple SSL sessions per second and ensures that the processing of cryptographic operations does not cause degradation in the web server's performance.

Baltimore Technologies

CiDRA takes prize in Lightwave OFC 2001 Attendees' Choice Awards

CiDRA received the Lightwave OFC 2001 Attendees' Choice Award for its AgileWave Tunable Bandpass Filter (TBF) at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC 2001) show on March 21, 2001. The award was determined by attendees at OFC, where CiDRA unveiled the TBF, the first 50GHz tunable Bragg grating filter to select any channel from the C- or L-band with unprecedented adjacent channel isolation and variable bandwidth capability. The TBF is a digitally programmable filter module that enables precise routing and monitoring of individual DWDM channels in optical telecommunication networks.


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