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Quick Takes: OIF creates new working group

Optical Internetworking Forum creates new Carrier Working Group The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) has created a Carrier Working Group to foster and address carrier-specific technical recommendations. The new working group will provide a technical forum for OIF's growing roster of carrier members. In May 2000 OIF formed an ad hoc group of Carrier companies to assist in the development of the User Network Interface (UNI) 1.0. The Carrier group's document, titled Carrier Optical Services Framework and Associated Requirements for UNI, is intended to provide a framework and high-level requirements to guide OIF's work on the UNI 1.0 technical specification. The creation of a formal working group will allow the Carrier company members to take on additional projects within OIF.

Optical Internetworking Forum

Intersil's PRISM 2.5 chip set enables smaller form factor WLAN solutions

Intersil, developer of silicon technology for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), announced that PRISM/work, Intersil's enterprise product line, began volume shipments of PRISM(R) 2.5, its wireless networking chip set optimized for smaller form factors and embedded WLAN applications such as mini-PCI cards and single-sided PCMCIA cards. The PRISM 2.5 solution features a single-chip Baseband Processor (BBP) and Medium Access Controller (MAC) that integrates digital functions normally done by two ICs. The integrated BBP/MAC includes a PCMCIA and USB interface that will allow Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to add a USB interface into next-generation IEEE 802.11b wireless networking products for the home and office. A BBP/MAC with mini-PCI interface for manufacturing electronic devices requiring embedded applications is also available. The PRISM 2.5 solution includes integrated circuits (ICs), software, firmware and a companion voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) to give systems manufacturers a highly integrated, full-featured solution for designing 802.11b-compliant wireless networking capability into small, handheld computing devices such as laptop PCs, Personal Digital Assistants and next generation "Web Pad" Internet appliance devices. PRISM 2.5-based products will provide users with wireless access to networks and the Internet for fast and efficient transmission of data, video and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.


Presideo, @Link and Akaba partner to create HIPAA compliant solutions

Presideo, a provider of information security services to the Healthcare and Insurance verticals, announced it is forming strategic relationships with @Link Networks, an integrated communications provider focusing on next generation Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, and Akaba, a provider of managed security solutions, to enable creation and delivery of HIPAA compliant solutions for customers in the Healthcare and Insurance industries. This three-way strategic relationship will delivers security and compatibility for insurance companies and agents, medical offices, and pharmaceutical customers and makes migration to HIPAA government standards cost effective.




SANcastle announces Fibre Channel over IP demonstration

SANcastle Technologies, a manufacturer of network switching equipment for integrating Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks, announces that it will be demonstrating the capabilities of its new GFS-8 at the eCommerce Infrastructure Technology Conference & Tradeshow. SANcastle calls its GFS-8 the world's first Global Fabric Switch, providing bi-directional integration of Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet networks over long distances without disruption or technology changes. The GFS-8, with its switching technology and OpenIP architecture, provides bridging, routing, tunneling, broadcasting, and resource allocation services across the FC to GbE boundary and back again. No changes are required to either network since the GFS-8 is compatible with both network standards. The GFS-8 uses Global Fabric Protocol (GFP) to ensure delivery and delivery sequence of FC packets over the IP network. SANcastle has developed a groundbreaking technology that allows data to be moved from Fibre Channel networks to IP networks and back again, performing as a single, homogeneous fabric.


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