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Quick Takes: Entridia introduces wire-speed multi-Gigabit router chip

Entridia introduces wire-speed multi-Gigabit router chip

Entridia is announcing the introduction of Wisper, the first of a family of dedicated IP routing solutions. The company calls Wisper (Wire-Speed Edge Router) the industry's first fully integrated IP edge router IC that delivers wire-speed Quality of Service (QoS) and prioritized forwarding. Entridia says by integrating route processing, packet forwarding, and active bandwidth management into a single IC, Wisper introduces improvements to current router systems and reduces time-to-market of next generation Internet-based converged communications systems. Wisper delivers 6.4 Gbps of aggregate bandwidth with integrated 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces, and allows for connectivity to Gigabit Ethernet and OC-3, OC-12 and OC-48 Packet-over-SONET (PoS) links via Entridia's OptiStream interface.

Intersil endorses IEEE 802.11 QoS solution

Intersil Corporation, provider of silicon technology for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), announced today its endorsement of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' (IEEE) Quality of Service (QoS) baseline for deployment of video streaming, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and multimedia related services for the home and enterprise. Intersil, along with other WLAN industry leaders, endorses the IEEE 802.11 QoS baseline as being the most complete and highest performing QoS solution for home, enterprise and small office applications. The new enhancements, in combination with the IEEE 802.11 high-data-rates, provide a significant advantage to 802.11-based WLAN users by allowing immediate migration to new multimedia applications. The IEEE document, referred to as a baseline, is crafted to provide several levels of performance specifically tailored to take maximum advantage of all available data rates from 11 megabits-per-second (Mbps) to 54 Mbps. No other proposal is capable of achieving these high data rates. The multi-tiered performance levels range from basic Internet applications to high quality video streaming and support for voice applications. Additionally, the 802.11 baseline is the only QoS solution that includes enhanced security functions.

Ixia releases new optical interface card

Ixia is announcing the release of its new optical interface card, the LMOC48VAR Load Module, which is targeted at high-end optical gigabit router and switch performance analysis. Ixia says it has already received orders for the interface from a leading vendor of gigabit switch routers. According to a company spokesman, LMOC48VAR is capable of varying its internal frequency oscillator, resulting in up to a 200ppm (-100ppm to +100ppm) frequency offset.

Switch and Data Facilities chooses ViryaNet for wireless workforce management

Wireless workforce management solutions provider ViryaNet has announced that Switch and Data Facilities Company, a provider of strategically located, carrier-neutral, Convergent Network Centers to the telecommunications industry, has selected ViryaNet's Service Hub platform and wireless workforce management application. ViryaNet's Service Hub platform, on which the Company's wireless workforce management solution operates, is designed to capitalize on the power and flexibility of the wireless Internet.

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