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Quick Takes: Sycamore announces Broadleaf 2.0

Sycamore announces Broadleaf 2.0

Optical network equipment provider Sycamore Networks has unveiled the BroadLeaf 2.0 network operating system, which extends the service range and reach of Sycamore's optical switching platforms. BroadLeaf 2.0 provides the foundation for new optical services, empowering service providers to expand their service portfolios and competitive differentiation. In addition, BroadLeaf 2.0 gives service providers the tools to migrate their existing wave and legacy services to a cost-effective switched optical infrastructure.

Sycamore Networks

MFN offering dark fiber to Internet

Metromedia Fiber Network, which deploys optical IP Internet infrastructure within key metropolitan areas domestically and internationally, has announced that it can now offer customers their own dedicated, dark fiber network infrastructure connecting them to the Internet. Metromedia, along with its subsidiary AboveNet Communications, now offer Virtual ISX, which the company calls the first optical Internet connection to leverage the virtually unlimited bandwidth and fixed cost of dark fiber with a scaleable IP backbone, eliminating the bandwidth constraints typically encountered with traditional networks. Virtual ISX uses Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology over dark fiber so customers can grow and scale their Internet bandwidth on demand. Virtual ISX supports multiple-gigabit-per-second connections without the need to change the infrastructure, and dark fiber can accommodate up to multi-terabit-per-second capacity for future needs.


LINMOR announces performance reporting for Cisco's IOS IP routers

LINMOR Technologies, which develops performance management systems for managing the Internet infrastructure, has released a reporting module for Cisco's Internet Operating System (IOS) IP routers as part of its NEBULA Performance Monitor (PM) system. The reporting module will provide network service providers with detailed, vendor-specific data on how the routers are performing in the network, to help ensure quality Internet service for users. The NEBULA reporting module will support all Cisco IP routers from the following series: 1600, 1700, 2500, 2600, 3600, 4500, 4700, 7100, 7200, 7500, 10000, and 12000.


IronBridge's terabit router honored by Telecommunications Magazine

Telecommunications magazine has named IronBridge Networks' SwiftCOR router as November's product of the month. The industry magazine cited the product's virtual router capability as a feature that "sets IronBridge Networks apart" from the competition in the Internet core technology industry. The magazine article highlights SwiftCOR's virtual routing feature that "enables each single router to behave like up to 64 independent routers." This feature allows service providers to expand their IP wholesale market service offerings. Additionally, the article confirms that wholesale customers, such as regional Internet Service Providers (ISPs), benefit by gaining a "virtual backbone that looks and performs like a dedicated network they can monitor and manage themselves."


Entridia introduces wire-Speed multi-gigabit router chip

Entridia, which makes high-performance silicon-based routing engines for Internet Protocol networks, has introduced its Wire-Speed Edge Router (Wisper), the first of a family of dedicated IP routing solutions. Wisper is a fully integrated IP edge router IC that delivers wire-speed Quality of Service (QoS) and prioritized forwarding. Aimed at regional and central office routers in enterprise networks, Wisper delivers 6.4 Gbps of aggregate bandwidth with integrated 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces, and allows for connectivity to Gigabit Ethernet and OC-3, OC-12 and OC-48 Packet-over-SONET (PoS) links via Entridia's high-performance OptiStream interface.


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