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Cisco Security Connector watches activity on iPhone, iPad

Cisco launches a security app for Apple iOS devices. The Cisco Security Connector lets companies protect network activity generated by employees using corporate iPhones and iPads.

Cisco has launched in the Apple App Store a cloud-managed security app that provides visibility and control over...

iOS smartphones and tablets used by corporate employees.

The Cisco Security Connector, released this week, lets companies view network activity stemming from workers' iPhones and iPads. The app also provides insight into traffic generated from the devices.

Customer testing has found the app useful in incident investigations, helping to identify what happened, whom it affected and the risk exposure, according to Cisco. Companies also reported the app prevented employees from connecting to malicious websites from a corporate or cellular network and a public Wi-Fi.

The product's restrictions on device use help organizations meet risk and compliance requirements, Cisco said. Also, the app has a "zero negative impact" on device performance.

Cisco Security Connector tied to Umbrella, AMP

Connector is powered by Cisco Umbrella and Clarity. Introduced in February, Umbrella is a secure internet gateway that provides safe internet access to employees who do not use corporate networks or VPNs to connect to a remote data center. Clarity is a component of Cisco Advanced Malware Protection, which uses app-collected data to help prevent breaches and block malware.

Connector is built to work with a mobile device management system, like Cisco Meraki Systems Manager. The cloud-based enterprise mobility management software is used to onboard devices and install security policies. The system also provides location and tracking of laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Cisco Security Connector was introduced in June. At the time, Cisco said it would be available later in the year following a beta program with customers. The app stems from a 2-year-old partnership between Cisco and Apple.

So far, the alliance has resulted in Cisco providing a "fast-lane" in its networking gear for companies that want to prioritize business-related traffic from employees' iPhones and iPads. Also, Cisco has integrated its Spark team collaboration app with iPhone calling and contacts. Microsoft has done the same with Skype for Business.

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