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VeloCloud SD-WAN made more responsive to network troubles

The latest version of the VeloCloud SD-WAN lets users configure the software to take corrective measures when network performance degrades.

VeloCloud Networks Inc. has added to its SD-WAN software policy options that make the technology more responsive to network problems that could affect application performance in branch and remote offices.

The enhancements, introduced this week, are delivered through software upgrades to the company's cloud-based orchestrator and gateway and the VeloCloud SD-WAN appliance deployed at the branch and data center.

In general, VeloCloud's technology lets companies combine T1 lines, MPLS links and other enterprise network connections with cheaper broadband, DSL and 4G consumer links. The subscription-based SD-WAN provides continuous monitoring, packet-by-packet traffic steering and link remediation to maintain network performance and reliability.

The new 3.1 version lets companies dedicate segments of the network for specific traffic, such as VoIP, a guest Wi-Fi or sensitive credit-card data heading from a retail store to the corporate data center. Organizations can set policies that provide multiple paths for a traffic flow. If performance for a connection falters, the VeloCloud SD-WAN will steer packets elsewhere to maintain a user-defined quality of service.

The on-the-fly correction is targeted at performance-sensitive applications, such as VoIP. "Not only can you set things up quickly, but once you set it up, the network will adjust," said Bob Laliberte, an analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, based in Milford, Mass.

Other improvements include a more straightforward process for setting up an IPsec VPN between a VeloCloud SD-WAN and a non-VeloCloud location. Customers can also use the vendor's orchestration software to deploy security services from VeloCloud partners and to apply group profiles when adding VeloCloud Edge appliances.

In April, VeloCloud introduced a partner program that lets third-party security vendors integrate their products with the SD-WAN service. Partners include Check Point Software Technologies, Fortinet, IBM, Palo Alto Networks and Zscaler.

VeloCloud claims outcome-driven networking in SD-WAN

VeloCloud is marketing its latest upgrade as "outcome-driven networking," a term not widely used in the industry. Instead, networking vendors and some analyst firms are pushing an approach called "intent-based networking," which uses GUI-based tools to abstract the many complicated technical steps underpinning the delivery of services.

Earlier this month, virtualization vendor VMware announced plans to acquire VeloCloud for an undisclosed sum. If completed in early February as planned, the acquisition would place VMware in head-to-head competition with Cisco in the branch office. In August, Cisco acquired VeloCloud rival Viptela for $610 million.

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