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ExtraHop launches new network visibility tools

ExtraHop focuses on network visibility tools with new features, Aerohive launches HiveManager NG for private clouds and Extreme bakes in elements of recently acquired Avaya for campuses.

ExtraHop has added new network visibility tools as features to the latest release of its flagship analytics software that provide a more visual examination of network behavior and potential performance issues, along with beefed up security features backed by a more robust machine learning engine.

ExtraHop 7.0, available now, also includes support for Perfect Forward Security decryption, according to Isaac Roybal, director of product marketing.

"It's about bringing the shape and context of the network with the activity maps," he said about the new network visibility tools. "It boils down to visibility, but more important, adaptable security in an everchanging world of cat and mouse."

The mapping feature visually represents all the connections across the network, including the payloads, to provide a real-time view of network performance. In the event of an anomaly, engineers can open transaction details to diagnose the root cause of the incident. It also stores historical data, allowing companies to apply forensics to understand how an incident occurred.

It's about bringing the shape and context of the network with the activity maps.
Isaac Roybaldirector of product marketing, ExtraHop

ExtraHop also beefed up its Addy machine learning engine by expanding the number of suspicious behaviors it can track, including network scans, data exfiltration and unusual file service access. Potential threats like ransomware can be addressed automatically and distributed to third-party management systems such as ServiceNow and Cisco Tetration, for further remediation.

Addy, which was released earlier this year, relies on cloud-based analytics to comb through wire data collected by ExtraHop's Discover appliance. The machine-learning app reports on network anomalies and, using artificial intelligence, can tell the difference between normal network operations and anomalous behavior.

ExtraHop 7.0, with the new network visibility tools, can provide full analysis -- from Layer 2 to Layer 7 -- for up to 5,500 network devices, although it can support an unlimited number of devices with Layer 2 to Layer 3 analysis. It can also be used for both enterprise and cloud deployments.

Aerohive expands Hive for private cloud

Aerohive has added private cloud support to its HiveManager NG management app. Private Cloud RDC has the same features and capabilities of Aerohive's existing public cloud offering, including support for Aerohive Connect, Select and Insight, the company said.

The platform is geared to both managed service providers and enterprises that want to exploit the benefits of the cloud while hosting the software within their own data center or cloud service provider.

HiveManager NG can be installed either physically or virtually, with support for up to 5,000 managed devices. Management and visibility are supported by Elasticsearch, Kibana and Aerohive's internal framework, dubbed Cooperative Control Architecture.

"Aerohive's cloud architecture is unique in that it was engineered for unmatched scale of up to millions of devices, and for ultimate deployment flexibility," said Dan Weidong Liang, vice president of cloud architecture at Aerohive, in a statement.

Extreme intros Automated Campus network management

Extreme Networks launched Extreme Automated Campus, combining features from its recently acquired Avaya Fabric Connect provisioning and troubleshooting platform and the vendor's own Management Center. The new product is the first to be released since Extreme purchased Avaya's networking business earlier this year.

Automated Campus allows IT administrators to dynamically set policies for up to 200,000 users and devices and reports back with insights from up to 7,000 applications. Through Management Center APIs, the system also orchestrates workflows through interoperation with third-party devices and software.

Extreme said all of its switch and Wi-Fi access point edge products are now supported by Fabric Connect, which lets users automate configuration and other changes across a network. Extreme also introduced two new 10/40/100 Gbps switches with the announcement. The first is the VSP 8600, a 7RU core chassis with more than 21 Tbps of switching capacity; the second is the VSP 8404C, a 2RU model with four pluggable slots to satisfy a variety of deployment options.

"We developed Extreme Automated Campus to give both Avaya and Extreme customers the best of both worlds by providing a leading end-to-end software-driven solution from the core to the wired and wireless edge," said Dan Dulac, Extreme's vice president of product management and solution strategy, in a statement.

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