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Viptela introduces Cloud onRamp for AWS and Microsoft Azure

Viptela introduces Cloud onRamp for Microsoft Azure and AWS. The new product tailors the Viptela vEdge router for the infrastructure-as-a-service providers.

Software-defined WAN vendor Viptela has extended its traffic management and security services to infrastructure-as-a-service providers Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Viptela made available this week technology, called Cloud onRamp, that creates a virtual instance of the Viptela vEdge router on Azure and AWS. The executable file makes a direct connection between applications running on the IaaS platforms and the Viptela SD-WAN appliance deployed in a branch office.

SD-WAN vendors, in general, abstract the network intelligence they provide into a virtual overlay that enables pooling of private and public connections and permits automation, centralized control and traffic management. The links can include MPLS, broadband, Long Term Evolution and Wi-Fi.

The Viptela overlay is a Layer 3 virtual private network. The vendor's controller, called vSmart, is a virtual appliance that provides security and route and policy management instructions to Viptela vEdge routers. The platform also includes a virtualized central component, called vManage, for configuration management and monitoring. Companies that buy a Viptela vEdge router also get vSmart and vManage.

Viptela vEdge features for AWS, Azure

Cloud onRamp makes it possible for the Viptela platform to control and secure traffic between the branch office and Azure and AWS. Features include support for Internet Protocol Security, or IPsec, for sender authentication and data encryption.

Also, the platform can analyze link performance metrics, such as jitter, state, delay and packet loss, to make routing decisions based on customers' policies. VManage provides an overall view of performance and is also used to generate reports.

Before the latest announcement, Viptela customers had access to a limited number of the platform's capabilities, said Ramesh Prabagaran, the head of product management at Viptela. "A whole lot of the networking behind this [IaaS connections] was pushed to the customer, and we heard very clearly from them that they expected the SD-WAN vendor to handle this."

Viptela customers subscribing to the company's premium service will get Cloud onRamp at no additional charge.

Cisco to acquire Viptela

In May, Cisco said it would acquire Viptela for $610 million, providing the networking company with an SD-WAN product that brought a quicker return on investment than Cisco's competing iWAN, analysts said. Cisco expects to close the transaction before the end of the year.

Shortly after Cisco announced the acquisition, Christian Metz, IT manager of Viptela customer First American Title, called the acquisition "bittersweet."

"l liked the fact that they were on their own," Metz said during a session at the Interop networking conference in Las Vegas. "[But] our conversations with Viptela has made me very comfortable that they're going with Cisco."

Before the Cisco acquisition, Viptela was among a number of venture-financed SD-WAN startups, including VeloCloud Networks, CloudGenix, Cybera, Versa Networks and Talari Networks.

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