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Extreme and Ruckus wireless access points reduce hotel cabling

Ruckus Wireless and Extreme Networks introduced Wi-Fi access points that reduce the amount of cabling in hotel rooms by eliminating separate wall ports for IP devices.

Ruckus Wireless Inc. and Extreme Networks Inc. have introduced Wi-Fi access points aimed at reducing the amount of cabling in hotel rooms.

The Ruckus wireless access point, the H320 AP, includes two Ethernet ports that hoteliers can use instead of separate wired connections for in-room IP devices, such as an IPTV or voice over IP phone. The Extreme WiNG AP 7612 provides a single Power over Ethernet port for the same purpose. The vendors introduced the Wi-Fi access points this month.

Eliminating separate wall ports for IP devices could lower costs by reducing in-room cabling, said Mark Hung, an analyst at Gartner. Also, the 802.11ac Wave 2 APs are designed to be installed in each room, which means better coverage and higher throughput for hotel guests.

Extreme and Ruckus, which ARRIS International plans to acquire in August, are not the only vendors providing duo-purpose Wi-Fi access points. In general, the devices tend to be inexpensive and have just enough performance to meet the requirements of supported tasks, said Craig Mathias, an analyst at Farpoint Group, based in Ashland, Mass.

"So far, we have seen great acceptance in the marketplace for these access points," Mathias said.

The Ruckus wireless access point, H320 AP, set for release in August, will have a retail price of $285. Extreme did not release pricing for the WiNG AP 7612, but it is expected to be competitive with the Ruckus device. Extreme did not provide a release date.

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