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Aryaka rolls out remote access as a service on its private network

Aryaka introduced SmartACCESS, a software-defined remote access-as-a-service product that merges its CDN and private network to speed remote and mobile users' connections.

Continuing the trend of offering everything as a service, Aryaka this week rolled out software-defined remote access as a service for remote and mobile workers. SmartACCESS -- announced at WAN Summit in San Jose, Calif. -- combines Aryaka's content delivery network, or CDN, with its global private network to offer high-performance, low-latency, clientless remote access connections without requiring new hardware or software.

Aryaka's remote access-as-a-service offering is currently being used by 15 large enterprise customers to provide their remote and mobile workers access to a secure network connection. SmartACCESS bypasses the public internet typically used for VPN connections and gets customers onto the Aryaka private network, according to Shehzad Karkhanawala, senior marketing manager at Aryaka, based in Milpitas, Calif.

"SmartACCESS itself -- because it is clientless -- will be a great benefit to enterprises with a highly distributed and mobile group of workers, offering ease of connectivity, rapid setup (i.e., really none) and cost-effectiveness (you only pay for the users using SmartACCESS)," said Jennifer Clark, analyst at 451 Research, in an email to SearchSDN.

One SmartACCESS customer said SmartACCESS offers Capex savings and extends connectivity while maintaining high quality of service, she added. "The QoS issue comes to the forefront particularly forcefully in transoceanic connectivity and has always been a strong point for Aryaka," Clark said.

Lee Doyle, analyst at Doyle Research, classified Aryaka's remote access as a service as an add-on strategy for the company. "It's a global WAN service for a large company. Remote access is part of an overall large company [network], and Aryaka's remote access service will embed it more broadly with customers," he said.

Accessing remote access as a service

To connect users to SmartACCESS, IT needs only make a one-time CNAME adjustment to Aryaka's domain name system. Customers can use their existing VPN clients without installing software or purchasing hardware.

"If you have regular SD-WAN, WAN optimization or any other technology, you need an appliance, which clearly doesn't work for remote workers," said Gary Sevounts, Aryaka's chief marketing officer. Aryaka has combined its patented CDN technology with its private network, which means WAN optimization, IP acceleration, global load balancing and application acceleration are built into the connection itself and delivered as a virtual function from an Aryaka point of presence (PoP) that doesn't require an additional client.

Once a remote user signs on to its VPN, Aryaka's CDN technology -- designed for dynamic applications -- uses intelligent routing to automatically redirect the user to the closest Aryaka PoP for maximum application performance. The user then accesses Aryaka's private network and is connected to the corporate data center or VPN concentrator.

Aryaka's CDN technology is agnostic to all types of traffic, including video, voice and applications, and works with any device and operating system, Karkhanawala said.

SmartACCESS security and pricing

SmartACCESS uses end-to-end encryption, in addition to the security features that come with Aryaka's private network. Aryaka's PoPs also have redundant firewalls. Increased visibility via SmartACCESS enables IT to monitor the number of connected users, average data per user and individual IP addresses connecting to the service, he said.

Aryaka's remote access as a service is designed for midsize and large enterprises -- particularly those with a large number of remote employees. SmartACCESS pricing is based on a per-user price model. Prices decrease as the number of users increases, Karkhanawala said.

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