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Riverbed launches NFV management, provisioning platform to telcos

Riverbed launches an NFV management and provisioning platform; Super Bowl Wi-Fi data sets a new record; and ManageEngine premieres auditing for AWS and Azure.

Riverbed Technology is introducing software that will let service providers manage and troubleshoot their network functions virtualization, or NFV, services.

The Riverbed Service Delivery Platform (SDP), available this fall, extends providers' existing operational support systems (OSS) with tools that enable deployment, NFV management and provisioning, according to Irina Farooq, vice president of products and strategy at Riverbed, based in San Francisco.

A growing number of telcos and other providers are offering NFVs -- primarily geared to functions such as security and WAN optimization -- as part of their managed services portfolios. But providers face challenges in getting these services in operation quickly enough to satisfy customer demands, Farooq said. Existing OSS management tools aren't nimble or dynamic enough to oversee microservices and other capabilities enabled by NFVs, she said.

To that end, SDP includes tools that handle such customer-support functions as configuration, troubleshooting, policy enforcement and licensing, as well as NFV management.

"Customers now expect on-demand access to services," she said. At the same time, service providers need tools to let them respond quickly and proactively to customers that request additional services or have other requirements.

Although Riverbed has up to now focused almost exclusively on enterprise customers, it has struck deals with telcos, including AT&T and Verizon, to include its WAN optimization software as part of those providers' existing NFV offerings.

Super Bowl Wi-Fi data sets record

Almost 12 TB of data was transferred at last month's Super Bowl, setting an all-time record. Extreme Networks Inc., which provided Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as analytics, at the game held at NRG Stadium in Houston, said there were more than 27,000 users on the system at one time -- a 41% jump from Super Bowl 50.

Of the 71,795 in attendance, almost half -- 35,430 -- were on the Wi-Fi network throughout the game, Extreme said.

Almost 15% of the traffic was fueled by social networking, with Facebook generating the most. Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter accounted for the remainder, according to Extreme.

"The popularity of fan engagement with social networks may not be very surprising, but considering 1.7 TB of the total data was transferred from social networking engagements, a 55% increase in comparison to Super Bowl 50, it certainly underscores how active users are on social," said Ryan Hall, senior marketing specialist at Extreme, in a blog post.

ManageEngine launches Azure and AWS auditing

ManageEngine introduced Cloud Security Plus, a service that lets enterprises collect application performance and security log information from public cloud providers.

The service tracks user activity, audits change activities and monitors the performance of critical business applications, ManageEngine said. It supports both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

"The native cloud log management tools do not support multiple public cloud platforms. With these tools, extracting information for specific security needs is highly difficult," said Manikandan Thiagarajan, ManageEngine's director of product management, in a statement. Cloud Security Plus "allows enterprises to centralize multicloud log data, provides exhaustive reports that present key insights, and offers the option to build custom reports and alert profiles.”

Cloud Security Plus, available now, begins at $495 for a single cloud account. Add-ons begin at $95 each.

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