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Citrix launches free load balancer software for developers

This week, bloggers look into Citrix's free load balancer, Nutanix's buying spree and cybersecurity predictions.

Drew Conry-Murray, blogging in Packet Pushers, discussed Citrix's release of a free load balancer software package, aimed at luring developers away from open-source options like HAProxy. The free load balancer is called CPX Express and offers a limited version of Citrix CPX -- which is itself a container-based version of Citrix NetScaler ADC. Both CPX and the CPX Express free load balancer are intended for container-based applications and microservices.

According to Conry-Murray, Citrix hopes to influence developers to adopt CPX for DevOps by offering a free version. The free load balancer has lower throughput (20 Mbps versus 1 Gbps) as well as throttled-down, packet-per-second, SSL connectivity and throughput. Conry-Murray added that Citrix categorizes its potential customers three ways, grouping DevOps, traditional IT departments and developers separately.

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Nutanix pursues buying spree

Terri McClure, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group in Milford, Mass., explored Nutanix's ongoing acquisition of PernixData and McClure quotes a fellow ESG researcher, Mark Peters, who believes that IT has shifted from meaning "information technology" to "infrastructure technology."

In McClure's view, the ongoing need to understand the entire IT stack-- including infrastructure, applications, workloads and resource availability,--is driving Nutanix's thinking. Acquiring Pernix gives Nutanix  greater capabilities in the IO stack and IO analytics. Similarly, the purchase of gives Nutanix resource allocation and automation capabilities.

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Gartner makes cybersecurity predictions

John Wheeler, an analyst at Gartner, offered cybersecurity predictions during a presentation in Johannesburg, South Africa. Wheeler believes that through 2020, 99% of exploited vulnerabilities will be known by cybersecurity professionals for at least a year. A third of enterprise attacks will target shadow IT and by 2018, preventing data breaches in the cloud will spur 20% of organizations to adopt data governance programs. By 2020, 40% of DevOps organizations will use application security self-testing and 80% of deals for cloud access security broker technology will be bundled with secure web gateways and network firewalls.

Wheeler said that by 2018 and 2019, 40% of IDaaS implementations will take the place of on-premises IAM; password use in medium-risk cases will drop 55% and 50% of IoT device makers will struggle with weak authentication. Finally, he said that by 2018, up to 60% of enterprises will use native mobile containment and by 2020 25% of enterprise attacks will involve internet of things devices.

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