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NEC increases SDN scalability with latest upgrade

In recent SDN-related news, NEC and PLUMgrid have both upgraded their SDN suites, and the CIO of the United States will address the Open Networking User Group's Spring conference.

In case you missed it, NEC's latest release increased SDN scalability by 2,000 switches; the United States' CIO will talk software-defined architectures at the Open Networking User Group's Spring conference; and PLUMgrid's updated software suite supports Docker containers.

Greater SDN scalability with new NEC release

NEC Corp. has released a new version of its software-defined networking offering, called ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite. The release -- ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite V6.3 -- steps up NEC's SDN scalability, allowing up to 10,000 switches per network. That represents an increase of 2,000 switches over the last version.

In addition to its enhanced SDN scalability, ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite also boasts zero-touch provisioning of new network policies through the system's SDN controller. NEC said this capability improves service agility and makes network administration easier.

The company said the new version improves security and multi-tenancy capabilities, allowing administrators to segment traffic in up to 64,000 virtual networks. Up to 16-way path redundancy also offers high availability for a network's most important applications.

Read the full details here.

United States' CIO to speak at ONUG Spring

The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) released the list of speakers scheduled to address ONUG Spring 2016. Tony Scott, the United States' CIO, will deliver the conference's opening keynote address, discussing the transition from hardware-based infrastructure toward software-defined everything. According to ONUG, Scott will share his thoughts on the need for a new, software-based, programmable IP architecture.

The list of anticipated speakers also includes representatives from Bank of America, Salesforce, Intuit, JPMorgan Chase, The New York Times, FedEx, General Electric, Gap, Kaiser Permanente and Yahoo.

ONUG Spring 2016 is scheduled to take place in Mountain View, Calif., on May 9 to 11. The conference will feature three tracks: Open Hybrid Cloud, Software-Managed Infrastructure and Software-Defined Security Services.

PLUMgrid's new SDN release supports containers

On Tuesday, PLUMgrid Inc. released a new version of its Open Networking Suite (ONS), an SDN overlay for OpenStack cloud environments. ONS 5.0 supports OpenStack releases Kilo and Liberty.

The company said the offering is designed for both enterprises and service providers, with the purpose of creating a secure, microsegmented, scalable and automated software-defined architecture on top of existing network hardware.

PLUMgrid ONS 5.0 adds support for Docker containers, via either a PLUMgrid SDN plug-in or Project Kuryr, which connects Docker networking with OpenStack Neutron. ONS 5.0 also enables CloudApex, the vendor's real-time SDN monitoring and visualization platform, and adds gateway support for the Cisco Nexus 9000 series.

See the full release here.

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