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SDN learning: Blogs to follow today

The software-defined networking blogosphere is a vibrant space, with regular postings from analysts, engineers and programmers. Here are some of the top SDN blogs to follow.

By now, software-defined networking is taking off for real, and that traction is reflected in the networking blogosphere. For ongoing SDN learning, look to a number of prolific bloggers -- analysts and network professionals -- covering SDN; network functions virtualization, or NFV; virtual network functions, or VNFs; enterprise networking; telecom issues; software-defined WAN, or SD-WAN; and everything in between.  

Step up your SDN learning in 2016 with these 14 prominent networking bloggers:

Tom Nolle of CIMI Corp.

Tom Nolle -- a blogger, analyst and longtime TechTarget contributor -- offers substantial insights into SDN and NFV technologies, with an emphasis on what they mean for providers.

Jason Edelman of Jason Edelman's Blog

SDN-focused and conversational, Jason Edelman covers major vendors, SDN developments, APIs, configuration and network automation. He helps his readers grapple with emerging technologies and improve their understanding of the future of networking.

Shamus McGillicuddy of Enterprise Management Associates

Analyst, former TechTarget editor and current expert contributor Shamus McGillicuddy takes a somewhat journalistic tone in his blog posts. Since he began contributing to Enterprise Management Associate's blog in 2015, McGillicuddy has explored topics as diverse as big data analytics, Splunk, open source tools and IPv6 network management. He also regularly writes about topics related to SDN learning, including SD-WAN, VNFs and NFV

Dan Conde of Enterprise Strategy Group

Experienced IT analyst Dan Conde wants his readers to understand emerging networking technologies in the context of the enterprise. His primary focus areas are SDN, network virtualization, and campus and data center networking. Conde was previously director of products for Midokura.

Greg Ferro of Ethereal Mind

Like Ivan Pepelnjak's ipSpace, Greg Ferro's in-depth, SDN-focused blog is updated more often than that of the typical solo blogger. While Pepelnjak focuses heavily on technical issues, Ferro takes a closer look at up-and-coming trends and new products from big vendors, such as Arista Networks, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and many others. He also offers consulting services.

Nick Buraglio of The Forwarding Plane

Nick Buraglio describes his blog as, "routing, switching, general security and anything else I decide to write down." In fact, he could add domain name systems, interconnectivity, interdomain SDN and much more to the list.

Andrew Lerner of Gartner

Prolific analyst and Gartner networking research director Andrew Lerner covers a broad swath of networking topics, including SDN. He leverages 18 years of IT experience to discuss subjects ranging from LAN and WAN to routing, switching, application delivery, WAN optimization, network architecture and data center designs.

Ivan Pepelnjak at ipSpace

Ivan Pepelnjak promises readers "internetworking perspectives," delivering highly technical, in-depth coverage of emerging technology in the SDN sphere. In addition to blogging, Pepelnjak offers training and consulting services for those in need of more in-depth or personalized SDN learning.

Mike Fratto of Current Analysis IT Connection

An  analyst at Current Analysis, Mike Fratto frequently explores topics such as open source, Open Daylight, VMware, the Internet of Things, radio protocols, networking trends and SD-WAN.

Brian Washburn of Current Analysis IT Connection

Blogging since 2014, Brian Washburn covers a wide range of networking topics. He shares plenty of SDN examples and use cases from the perspectives of both enterprises and service providers.

Matt Oswalt of Keeping It Classless

Updated on a bimonthly basis, Matt Oswalt's Keeping It Classless blog takes on one of the hottest network engineering challenges: network automation. Oswalt also focuses on topics such as Kubernetes and network training, as well as infrastructure and the access layer.


More than a dozen NetCraftsmen consultants contribute to the firm's blog, traversing a wide range of SDN topics. Expect coverage of the Open Networking User Group, Cisco Live and Interop, as well as reviews of new SDN products and big picture insights into the move from hardware to software.

Anthony Burke at Network Inferno

On his blog, Network Inferno, VMware systems engineer Anthony Burke takes a close look at SDN topics and goes on "deep dives" into different aspects of the software-defined future. Areas of particular focus include VMware NSX, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances, VLANs and virtual routing.

Packet Pushers

A leading collaborative blog focused on wider networking issues, Packet Pushers features bloggers Drew Conry-Murray, Ethan Banks, Carlos Cardenas, Greg Ferro, Will Murrell and Andrew Gallo. In addition to covering business and technical issues related to SDN, Packet Pushers helps buyers with its Startup Radar and product reviews.

Did we miss one of your favorite blogs for enriching your NFV, VNF, SD-WAN and SDN learning? Let us know in the discussion section.

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