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Dynatrace focuses on application behavior with DC RUM upgrade

ICYMI: Dynatrace focuses on application behavior; Del Monte adopts an all-cloud IT strategy; and Radware launches virtual ADC.

Dynatrace LLC released the latest version of Data Center Real-User Monitoring, or DC RUM, giving data center administrators a clearer picture of application behavior and whether users are getting the performance they need.

Version 12.4, available now, relies on transactional-level analyses to determine application behavior and network performance, said Gary Kaiser, subject matter expert at Dynatrace, based in Waltham, Mass. "We're continuing to emphasize the value and importance of the user experience and transaction visibility," he said. "Network visibility is a supporting theme. When the end-user experience is slow, the troubleshooting aspect will compare the network quality with the transaction behavior, and use that as part of its fault-isolation mechanism."

To that end, the software lets enterprises track more applications than previous iterations, thanks to a universal decode mechanism. The software is also beefed up with application behavior dashboards that include preconfigured consoles for SAP, database, Citrix and Web applications, as well as APIs that let administrators use analytics tools from Splunk and other external analyses products to determine performance. An auto-discovery feature in DC RUM, meantime, will be able to monitor when conditions change across both physical and virtual networks.

The upgrade to DC RUM comes as enterprises wrestle with the challenges associated with overseeing hundreds of applications at their data centers. At the same time, architectures involving virtualized network components, software-defined networking and the cloud complicate the ability of data center managers to accurately assess application behavior, Kaiser said.

Del Monte beefs up cloud IT

Del Monte Foods Inc. said it's rolled out WAN optimization appliances and software from Riverbed Technology as part of its cloud-based IT strategy.

The food processor deployed SteelHead and SteelHead SaaS appliances across its network, according to Timothy Weaver, vice president and CIO at Del Monte, based in Walnut Creek, Calif.

"We have run Office 365 with and without SteelHead SaaS, and with it, users saw things get faster," Weaver said in a statement. "At one of our large distribution facilities, people weren't actively using some of the tools because of network performance issues. Since deploying SteelHead SaaS, we've seen the adoption rate of those tools go up, as application performance increases."

Del Monte's hybrid WAN -- incorporating both MPLS and the public Internet -- links 30 Del Monte facilities in the United States and Mexico. Another Riverbed product, SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead, provides centralized policy management.

With the installation of the new appliances, Del Monte is in the process of deploying both cable broadband and cellular connections as additional backup at each site.

Radware virtual ADC aims for high-capacity load balancing

Radware Ltd., a cybersecurity and application delivery controller (ADC) supplier, has announced its new virtual ADC, Alteon NG VA, which it said can operate beyond 200 Gbps. The vendor said its new virtual ADC is significant for Internet service providers and mobile operators that maintain a network functions virtualization (NFV) architecture for network provisioning, without sapping bandwidth for end users.

According to Mark McIlvane, vice president of global carrier sales and business development with Radware, the introduction of NFV in 2012 created load-balancing challenges that the new virtual ADC is designed to meet. "Telcos can now accelerate their transition from hardware to the cloud to create more agile, flexible workloads for their highest scale and most valuable applications," he said in a statement.

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