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SN blogs: Log analytics critical tool for network monitoring

An analyst cites the integration of two network monitoring apps; what does iOS 9 mean to the enterprise?

Shamus McGillicuddy, analyst at Enterprise Management Associates Inc., in Boulder, Colo., writes that log analytics applications have become an important part of network management tool sets.

Citing a study EMA conducted last year, McGillicuddy writes that log files are more useful than any other network management measurement tool, including flow data, packet analysis and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) metrics. According to the study, 59% of managers said they use log files to assess sustained network availability and performance monitoring, while 65% reported they use them for network troubleshooting.

Vendors have noticed. One recent development -- HelpSystems' move to integrate its InterMapper monitoring app with Splunk's log analytics software -- may provide some particular benefits to enterprises, McGillicuddy writes.

"Splunk's strength is in high-powered searches and analysis of vast data stores. InterMapper's strength is in mapping and monitoring network health and performance," he writes. The combination of the two, he continues, will help admins find relevant performance data more quickly.

Check out McGillicuddy's other comments about the value of log analytics data in network monitoring.

New Apple OS means easier mobility management

Andrew Garver, research director at Gartner Inc., in Stamford, Conn., has some good things to say about Apple's upcoming release of iOS 9 and its impact on enterprise mobility management.

Three enhancements stand out, Garver writes, with version control heading up the list. With this capability, enterprises can restrict iOS devices from updating to the next version of the Apple operating software. This means companies will get more time to align their IT resources to a specific OS, without having to be concerned that an update will throw everything out of whack.

The new OS will also provide a migration path from unmanaged apps to managed apps. This feature will let mobility managers convert employees' unmanaged apps -- those accessed from Apple's public App Store and beyond the control of the enterprise -- to ones that can be managed, without any deletion or data loss.

See what other benefits iOS 9 will provide enterprises when it's released, according to Garver.

Advice to CISOs: Get analytics help

Johna Till Johnson, CEO of Nemertes Research in Mokena, Ill., says CISOs need every tool they can get their hands on to determine when their networks are at risk.

To that end, security executives should procure analytics and monitoring tools that let them know immediately what's going on, she writes. Security event and incident management, as well as security operational intelligence tools have their place, but they're limited in their effectiveness -- both in terms of false positives and the time it takes for an intelligence app to detect when an infection occurs.

Johnson's advice? Examine advanced security analysis products. These tools, which include user behavior analytics, can give CISOs the real-time data they need to address network breaches before significant damage can occur.

Take a look at Johnson's thoughts about what CISOs need to know and get her take on the products they should buy.

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