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Data center latency test aced by Fiber Mountain switch

Fiber Mountain says its optical switch dramatically outperforms standard SDN switches in data center latency, while ScienceLogic will support Cisco's ACI.

Fiber Mountain Inc. said its Optical Path Exchange (OPX) switching device boasts data center latency 100 times better than standard software-defined networking (SDN) switches, consistently registering 5-nanosecond latency in a recent test. ScienceLogic Inc. will fully support Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) fabric. Also, a recent study from Juniper Networks Inc. and IDC found low overall levels of SDN understanding and awareness among large enterprises in India.

Fiber Mountain tests data center latency of optical switch

Fiber Mountain said that it recently measured the data center latency of its OPX switching device, using the Anritsu BERTWave testing system. The company reports 5-nanosecond latency for OPX, which it says is 100 times better than standard SDN switches.

OPX is a 160-port matrix switch that enables the company's Glass Core architecture. Network managers can control OPX using Fiber Mountain's Alpine Orchestration System or a third-party SDN controller.

Fiber Mountain founder and CEO M.H. Raza said in a statement that OPX's ability to process traffic at high speed with low latency could be a game-changer in high-performance computing and high-frequency trading environments, "where nanoseconds can correlate directly to dollars."   

ScienceLogic to support Cisco ACI

IT monitoring company ScienceLogic now offers complete support for Cisco's ACI fabric. ScienceLogic said that its software will give companies complete visibility into their SDN infrastructure -- helping them fix problems in the network, as well as identify potential issues.

The company said it designed the program, in collaboration with Cisco, to make managing the network easier -- providing a big picture view of ecosystems that have both ACI and legacy infrastructure. The monitoring software also uses cross-technology dependency mapping to reveal the root causes of problems across network, storage and compute, and generates real-time analytics dashboards that translate raw metrics into visuals.

Juniper survey shows low levels of SDN understanding

A Juniper Networks study, commissioned with IDC, has found low levels of SDN understanding and awareness among India's largest enterprises. Just 13% of respondents -- IT managers and corporate executives -- said they completely understand the concept of SDN. But more than half, 65%, said they are aware of some or all of SDN's benefits. Those same respondents said they are waiting to deploy until the technology has matured and resulted in more on-the-ground success stories.

The study also found that among active SDN users, budget allocations for the technology tended to spike after adoption. The authors say this increase in spending may point to positive deployment experiences, underscoring the real-world benefits of SDN.

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