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Dynatrace app monitoring tools rate customer satisfaction

Dynatrace has upgraded its Web and mobile app monitoring tools to help companies gauge customer satisfaction.

Dynatrace LLC is the latest application performance monitoring vendor to update its software with capabilities that calculate the satisfaction of people using a company's Web or mobile applications.

Dynatrace released this week version 6.2 of its Application Monitoring and User Experience Management tools. Like some of its competitors, Dynatrace has changed how it presents metrics in its app monitoring tools, so the data can be useful to both line-of-business (LOB) managers and IT operations.

Companies are increasingly doing business with customers online or through mobile devices. The "digitization of business" has upped the importance of tracking the satisfaction level of people using a company's applications.

"Digital transformation has upended the entire APM [application performance management] market, as customer preferences and behavior are now driving enterprise technology decisions," said Jason Bloomberg, analyst and president of Boston-area consultancy Intellyx LLC.

Dynatrace hopes to stay in the game during this digital transformation with a dashboard that provides data indicating customers' satisfaction with an app or site. The data is drawn from user activity and the performance of the technology.

Tracking the customer experience

Activity is monitored as soon as a person enters the site or app. People who log in can be followed by name, others by IP address. In countries with strict privacy laws, data is aggregated, so it can't be associated with individuals.

The app monitoring tool records clicks on pages to determine whether the site or app was successful in accomplishing a particular business goal, such as having customers sign up for a newsletter, or purchase a product or service.

The Dynatrace software also tracks the response time of apps and functional errors, as such problems contribute greatly to customer frustration.

Digital transformation has upended the entire APM [application performance management] market, as customer preferences and behavior are now driving enterprise technology decisions.
Jason Bloomberganalyst and president of Boston-area consultancy Intellyx LLC

Dynatrace's app monitoring tools are available online or as on-premise software. The company also provides application testing and monitoring software as a service (SaaS) from Keynote LLC. The two companies completed a merger in June.

Keynote's technology will be integrated with Dynatrace's and sold under the latter's brand, said Nicolas Robbe, chief marketing officer for Dynatrace. A timetable for the combined product has not been released.

In the meantime, several competitors are "hot on the heels" of Dynatrace, said Bloomberg. Rivals include AppDynamics and SOASTA, which recently released product upgrades.

"Both of these products have similar value propositions and user interfaces to the new Dynatrace product," Bloomberg said. "I also expect CA Technologies to up the ante shortly, as well."

Dynatrace has about 5,800 commercial users. Private equity firm Thoma Bravo LLC owns Dynatrace through the $2.5 billion acquisition last year of parent Compuware Corp.

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