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Fluke adds SaaS performance monitoring to TruView

Fluke Networks launches TruView Live. The Web-based service delivers SaaS performance monitoring. VoIP monitoring expected in the summer.

Fluke Networks introduced a Web-based service that companies can use to keep tabs on the performance of business software delivered online.

The network-monitoring vendor launched TruView Live this week. The product helps companies track whether software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications like and Microsoft Office 365 are complying with service level agreements. TruView is similar to SaaS performance monitoring services from AppNeta and NetBeez.

In the summer, Fluke plans to add monitoring of hosted voice over IP (VoIP) services. TruView Live will test whether the external network or a company's in-house infrastructure is the cause of latency, jitter or dropped calls.

"I'm not aware of a lot of vendors providing that kind of visibility," said Shamus McGillicuddy, analyst for Enterprise Management Associates.

How TruView Live works

TruView Live uses small applications called Pulses to send test traffic to software in the cloud or on-premise. The results are gathered and sent to Fluke's servers for analysis. The results are displayed on a Web-based dashboard.

"This is particularly useful because it's difficult to get a sense of how your cloud-based applications and services are performing," McGillicuddy said. "Usually, you rely on user complaints."

Pulses can be deployed in three ways. The first is hardware slightly larger than a pack of gum that can be plugged into an Ethernet port of a campus switch or router.

Another option is a virtual Pulse that's deployed on an application server or a PC that communicates with an online service. The app runs on Linux or Windows.

The third option is called Global Pulse, which can be deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Pulse monitors the performance of applications hosted by the cloud infrastructure provider.

What's missing from TruView Live

A Global Pulse can only be used on AWS, but Fluke hopes to partner with other service providers like Microsoft. "We have plans to grow our Global Pulse world," said Jason Chaffee, Fluke senior product manager.

McGillicuddy would like to see deeper integration between TruView Live and Fluke's core product TruView, which analyzes application performance on corporate networks. "Application-aware network performance management products benefit from deep integration of multiple data sources," he said.

Integration today is limited to having Live data appear on the TruView dashboard. Companies can sign up for TruView Live through Fluke's self-service portal.

Last October, network performance monitoring company NetScout Systems announced the $2.6 billion acquisition of Fluke and other technology companies owned by Danaher Corp. Danaher designs and manufactures medical, industrial and commercial products and services worldwide.

NetScout is focused on North America while Fluke has more international customers, particularly in the midmarket. The deal is expected to close this summer.

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