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ICYMI: AppNeta sets SaaS application monitoring for non-IT

ICYMI: AppNeta focuses new SaaS application monitoring dashboard on non-IT administrators; SevOne creates a discussion platform for network operators.

AppNeta announced a software as a service (SaaS) application performance dashboard for line-of-business managers who don't have an IT background but who need to understand how their applications are being consumed by end-users. The SaaS Application Monitoring (SAM) User Experience Dashboard uses application performance index (Apdex) methodology to provide a score (0-100%) of how well the applications are performing. Apdex is an open standard developed by an alliance of companies that defines a standardized method to report, benchmark and track application performance. The dashboard reveals performance metrics from the end-user through the network to the original hosting source.

AppNeta's head of marketing, TR Jordan, said SAM represents a shift for the company. In the past, AppNeta focused on solving technical problems for technical people. But now, he said, things have changed. "If IT doesn't own the applications, it can be hard for them to proactively care about fixing those problems. If they didn't bring in the app and they aren't the ones using it, it's hard to get a department riled up about problems that arise. So let's change who's thinking about this. That's why we're launching those dashboards for line-of-business users," Jordan said.

The most important part of the dashboard is the Apdex-generated ratings. Performance is measured by both a numerical value and a corresponding red or green dot indicating either "bad" or "good" performance. Along with Apdex, the dashboards rely on:

  • Appview, to monitor synthetic transactions.
  • Flowview, to monitor application awareness and perform traffic analysis.
  • Patchview, to monitor network statistics like bandwidth, data loss and round-trip time.

Among other components, the dashboard tracks the number of people using the application, the amount of bandwidth, outages and alerts.

The dashboards are available as part of AppNeta's SAM software, with prices beginning at $349 per month.

Kemp joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

Kemp Technologies joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance around the same time that it also announced the general availability of its System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) plug-in. The SCVMM plug-in acts as a load balancer that allows administrators to manage a collection of virtual machines and services, known as service templates, from a single location. Using automation, the plug-in is able to configure operations like session persistence and scheduling options. Kemp said the announcements reflect its emphasis on application performance optimization.

Ipanema adds firewall capabilities to network management platform

Ipanema Technologies added enhancements to its Dynamic WAN Selection (DWS) technology for hybrid network management. DWS now offers additional VPN tunneling and OS-level firewall capabilities. DWS is integrated with Ipanema's application control and WAN optimization technologies, enabling it to optimize application flow by selecting the best network access in a hybrid WAN deployment. Among the new DWS features:

  • Creating VPN tunnels through the Internet that connect to remote data centers that have VPN concentrators or Web security gateways.
  • Eliminating the need for additional firewalls if combined with Ipanema's Zscaler.
  • Improving management through the use of dedicated configuration screens in Ipanema's central management platform.

SevOne creates discussion forum for network operations professionals

SevOne, an infrastructure performance monitoring software developer, launched The Network Project. It is a video channel and community forum for network operators and IT professionals to learn and discuss the future of infrastructure technology. The site offers free access to video interviews, talks and presentations with leaders in the enterprise and service provider markets. Users can listen and interact on this site. Some of the key discussion areas focus on software defined networking and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Some of the interviews you can find on the website include:

  • Jennifer Lin, senior director of product management at Juniper Networks, exploring the role of performance monitoring in SDN.
  • Kenneth Dilbeck, head of the collaboration program at TM Forum, revealing how networking careers will evolve as a consequence of emerging technologies.
  • Dan Pitt, executive director of the Open Networking Foundation, providing tips on seeing through the SDN vendor hype and the critical questions network operators need to ask.
  • Vess Bakalov, connecting the value of the on-demand infrastructure for companies looking to monetize IoT.

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