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Xirrus wireless transceiver takes aim at high-density areas

The latest Xirrus wireless transceiver is built to tackle high-density areas like classrooms and large conference rooms.

Xirrus Inc. has unveiled a new access point with four 802.11ac Wave 1 radios. This latest wireless transceiver joins other Xirrus access points designed for high-density areas like classrooms and large conference rooms.

The Xtreme Density (XD) 4 wireless station can reduce cabling costs and the number of access points needed to cover areas packed with mobile devices. The XD4 was also designed with the Internet of Things (IoT) in mind. The multi-radio AP will come in handy for IoT applications, especially as environments become denser with more Wi-Fi-connected machines and equipment, said IDC analyst Rohit Mehra.

Similar to Xirrus' other wireless transceivers, the XD4 doesn't require a controller. The XD4 has integrated wireless controller functions, said Bruce Miller, vice president of product marketing for Xirrus.

The XD platform built into the XD4 uses Xirrus network services, including acXpress and Applications Control. These services automatically separate high-speed 802.11ac and low-speed Wi-Fi clients. Each is provided with the best available radio bands. In addition, policies are enforced for over 1,400 applications through application visibility integrated into the AP.

Xirrus XD4 access points will ship with TurboXpress, an administrative feature that lets IT configure every radio on the access point for high-speed 802.11ac operation. Wireless transceiver radios are often fixed, with one radio operating in the latest Wi-Fi standard, and another in a backwards-compatible mode. Wi-Fi performance is immediately given a boost once support for lower wireless standards like 802.11b and g are turned off.

802.11ac Wave 2 access points are just starting to trickle into the market. However, many businesses are expected to upgrade their wireless LAN to Wave 1 shortly, if not already. "For the time being, Wave 1 is a compelling buy," Mehra said.

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