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SN blogs: Changing dynamics for the mobile application operator

This week, an analyst discusses the changing dynamic of mobile application operations; another says your enterprise might be ready for SD-WAN.

Kathryn Weldon, an analyst at Current Analysis, says that the role of the enterprise mobile application operator has changed in the last three years. Before, mobile enterprise application platform services were a standard part of Tier 1 operators' offerings. Now, it is hard for operators to monetize these services and some of them have stopped offering them altogether. Mobile business as a service and platform as a service have created a new dynamic where enterprises can create and manage application operations as part of an "all-in-one" service. So what do operators do now? Weldon says they have options:

  • Using pre-built apps
  • Customizing  apps built by third parties
  •  Partnering with Internet telephony service providers

All of these approaches might be a less expensive and more profitable option for businesses looking for a one-stop shop for enterprise mobility services.

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EMC offers free services for ScaleIO and ViPR

Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Colm Keegan says that EMC's recent decision to provide its software-defined hyper-converged platform, ScaleIO, free of charge is a way to help companies feel more comfortable developing next-generation or third-platform cloud computing applications on hyper-converged infrastructure technology. The software is free to developers in test and development environments. EMC also said its ViPR software will be completely open source, which Keegan says will alleviate some of the skepticism that ViPR was intended to lock customers in to EMC's storage technologies.

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How to determine if you're ready for SD-WAN

Packet Pushers blogger Zafer Polat says that software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technologies might be right for your enterprise. But before enterprises can make that decision, Polat says there are important factors to consider. First, it is vital to prepare for the operational challenges that can (and probably will) arise from incorporating SD-WAN. Polat says that there will be some initial difficulty in learning the new architecture, but in time, network managers will appreciate the clearer view of the overall network.

The second important question to address, says Polat, is "who is providing the technology?" because the leaders in SD-WAN are startups. Companies such as Talari, Viptela, Ipanema or Cloudgenix may or may not have an established set of services and channels. Legacy WAN providers such as Cisco and others are jumping into virtualized WANs, but Polat says their offerings can be several years behind the start-up innovators.

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Blogger seeks accountability for continued network security breaches

Nicole Perlroth blogs on The New York Times website that the cybersecurity industry has not been taking enough responsibility for network attacks. Perlroth says that at the recent RSA conference in San Francisco, Amit Yoran, the president of RSA, reminded attendees that even the largest enterprises with the most sophisticated security technology were not able to defend themselves against cyberattacks. Perlroth points to one security company, White Hat, which has committed to giving $500,000 to a company that bought its technology and still experienced a network breach. Perlroth also says that some attendees at the RSA conference brought up the idea that threat intelligence should be free. Others wondered if combining forces with the government would be a good idea. The bottom line for Perlroth is that security vendors share in the accountability.

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