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ICYMI: VMware tackles hybrid cloud security for mobile users

ICYMI: VMware takes on hybrid cloud security, combining NSX and AirWatch to control users' access within the network; Nuage Networks launches SDN services in Australia.

VMware is combining NSX with its AirWatch enterprise mobility management application to let enterprises more efficiently determine how mobile users access servers and applications within the data center.

NSX uses microsegmentation to create individualized virtual networks within a single cloud data center, preventing the kind of unlimited lateral movement that can pose a network-wide security threat. Once users are connected, NSX allows them to access only those applications that they are authorized to see.

NSX deployed with AirWatch imposes that same microsegmentation model on mobile end users connecting to the cloud data center. VMware says this allows administrators to better control user access and improve hybrid cloud security throughout the network, compared to the traditional secure VPN connection.

"Today we are bringing the power of these two solutions together to deliver the ability to implement a fully-segmented virtualized data center network that meets the unique challenges presented by today's mobile end users," said Noah Wasmer, vice president of product management and CTO, End-User Computing, VMware, in a statement.

VMware acquired AirWatch in February 2014 to broaden its mobility management capabilities.

Read VMware's entire announcement here.     

Open Networking Summit names 'SDN in Enterprises' keynote panel participants

Open Networking Summit (ONS) said executives from Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Gap, Samsung and the National Security Agency will headline the organization's keynote "SDN in Enterprise" panel at this year's ONS2015 conference.

With SDN on the rise in the enterprise, ONS is gathering industry leaders to discuss various topics covering all stages of deployment, ranging from general industry advancements to specific first-hand experience.

With open source and alternative SDN offerings entering the market, ONS 2015 executive advisor Ram Appalaraju says that customers are increasingly evaluating and deploying SDN products and technologies.

"By bringing the industry together at ONS2015, we will share customer experiences and address challenges that enterprises are currently facing to help accelerate SDN deployment and innovation," he said.

ONS2015 will take place June 15-18 in Santa Clara, Calif.

Read the full announcement from ONS here.

Nuage Networks launches SDN services in Australia

Nuage Networks officially launched its SDN services in Australia at the Connect Show in Melbourne on April 21 and 22. The Alcatel-Lucent startup says it wants to help Australian businesses maximize their use of cloud technology by providing automated, scalable and secure networks. The company reports that it is targeting enterprises across many industries -- including banking, retail, healthcare and utilities -- as well as cloud service and telecom providers. Nuage is also offering Australian businesses its overlay WAN service, which the company says increases the range of application deployment options and reduces costs, among other benefits.

"Nuage Networks can leverage and enhance both corporate WAN and Internet access bandwidth securely, to increase the range of application deployment options and reduce cost without compromising visibility and control," Nuage said in a statement.

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