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WildPackets becomes Savvius, shifts focus to network security

WildPackets, a network performance vendor, shifts its focus to security and rebrands with a new name, Savvius Inc.

WildPackets has changed its name to Savvius as the company shifts from network performance management to security.

The first product released from newly minted Savvius is a network packet capturing and retention appliance called Vigil. The technology stores packets that may be useful in investigating breaches, which often go undiscovered for months or even years.

The company renamed itself to avoid the awkwardness of the original brand. "The name WildPackets didn't seem compatible with our aspirations, [especially] since from a security standpoint, you don't want to have any wild packets," Larry Zulch, president of WildPackets, said.

Savvius isn't abandoning network performance management completely. The vendor plans to continue work on its legacy network performance products, Zulch said.  

Savvius Vigil fills in the blanks for security breach history

Savvius Vigil intelligently selects and stores packets taken from a company's other security tools, such as intrusion detection systems. Vigil will grant security professionals visibility into security issues and breaches at the packet level weeks, months or years after the occurrence, depending on the enterprise's preferences and storage capacity.

Vigil's ability to build a history of breach-related packet activity makes it unique, said Dan Farmer, consultant for Vicious Fishes Security Consulting.

"If [security teams] could have this information in place, handling security would be fundamentally different," Farmer said. "The ability to go back in time and uncover context is remarkable, as well as the ability to see what was going on before an event happened."

Enterprises typically rely on log information and limited flow data when investigating attacks, Farmer said. "There is a large gap of time between when a security event happens, and when it's discovered … and when you do find out, you're lucky if you have a few log files that contain some network activity."

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