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ICYMI: ONOS Blackbird focuses on SDN control plane performance

ICYMI: ONOS releases open source SDN Open Network Operating System; Puppet Labs and Cumulus Networks partner to extend SDN in data center.

ONOS issued the second release of its open source SDN Open Network Operating System, focusing on performance, scale and high availability.

The OS, called Blackbird, contains tools that let users evaluate control plane platforms and controllers. Users can publicly publish the performance results of their Blackbird releases, ONOS said.

"As service providers start deploying SDN solutions not only in their labs but also to control and manage their carrier-scale networks, high performance, scalability and resilience become key architectural requirements for these solutions," said Prajakta Joshi, director of products for the ONOS Project, in a statement. "Carrier-grade SDN platforms and solutions need to demonstrate these attributes and measure and qualify them with effective metrics."

The group has also published Blackbird's performance evaluation metrics -- which measure parameters like topology, flow operations and northbound traffic -- intended to evaluate the "carrier-grade quotient" of SDN control plane platforms and controllers. ONOS says that other metric systems, such as Cbench, are too simplistic to offer service providers sufficient insight into SDN control plane capabilities.

Blackbird is designed to scale the control plane by adding capacity and remain uninterrupted during failures, maintenance and upgrades.

Read the full announcement here.

Puppet Labs and Cumulus Networks partner to extend SDN in data center

Puppet Labs said its automation technology can now be used by Cumulus Network users following a technology integration agreement between the two firms. The deal, part of the vendor's Puppet Supported Program, means that customers can manage switches running Cumulus Linux OS with Puppet automation technology.

"The Puppet Supported Program enables more businesses to leverage the power of automation so they can move faster, with even more confidence," said Nigel Kersten, CIO of Puppet Labs in a statement.

As part of the partnership, Cumulus and Puppet created a native Puppet Enterprise agent for Cumulus Linux as well as a Cumulus Linux Puppet module. By using the agents and modules, Puppet contends that customers will have an easier time configuring and managing their network. Cumulus struck a deal with Dell last year that allows enterprises to run Cumulus Linux on certain Dell switches; the OS can also be used for bare-metal switches manufactured by original device manufacturers.

"Puppet Enterprise native support for the Cumulus Linux OS equates to immediate OpEx savings as adoption of open networking expands to a broadening range of organizations," said Cumulus business Vice President Reza Malekzadeh in a statement. "Now data center IT teams can automate and manage both the network and the compute infrastructure exactly the same way."

Read the full announcement from Puppet Labs here.

Plexxi, PSCC Labs partner for SDN big data technology

Plexxi Inc. is teaming up with server manufacturer PSSC Labs to roll out a suite of big data analysis hardware and software underpinned by Plexxi's software-defined networking (SDN) technology.

CloudOOP Big Data Pod, available now, combines Plexxi's Big Data Fabric offering with PSSC Labs' CloudOOP 1200 servers running Cloudera's Hadoop programming framework.

Plexxi said CloudOOP Big Data Pod will allow enterprises to deploy big data analysis applications across multiple racks and even different data centers.

According to Plexxi, the integrated package offers a flexible, low-cost way to reduce network expenses and radically improve big data application performance and scale. The company said enterprises will be able to add bandwidth and improve performance as necessary, without pouring money into a totally new network.

"Plexxi's open architecture approach allows PSSC Labs to bring a more integrated solution to its customers that can be deployed in a seamless turnkey environment," Plexxi said in a statement.

Read the entire press release here and find out more about CloudOOP Big Data Pod.

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