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ICYMI: 40 Gigabit Ethernet switch fuels market growth

ICYMI: Infonetics survey reveals strong Ethernet switch growth, fueled by 40 GbE switches.

Ethernet switch revenue grew by 5%  from 2013 to 2014 with sales reaching $21.7 billion, according to technology market research firm Infonetics Research, a unit of IHS. The growth in sales comes primarily from 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 100 GbE sales. Infonetics said, however, that 40 Gigabit Ethernet switch sales will remain strong only for the next one to two years. After that, Infonetics predicts 25 GbE and 100 GbE sales will be the most popular. While the growth of 10 GbE Ethernet switches has slowed down, port shipments still accounted for 27% of Ethernet switch growth in 2014. The white-box switch market continues to see success with large content providers like Google and Amazon. Other highlights of the report included:

•          China's switch market grew a strong 17% from 2013 to 2014.

•          Cisco grew Ethernet switch sales 1% sequentially in the fourth quarter of 2014

•          Huawei's 2014 Ethernet switch revenue grew 72% in 2014, as it built out its channel, increased brand awareness and expanded into Europe.

Array introduces AVX7600 virtual ADC and SSL support system

Array Networks introduced a new mid-range virtual ADC and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) virtual private networks (VPN) support system. The AVX7600 supports up to 16 entry, eight small, four medium or two large virtual appliances per system. If you divide the system by four appliances, each instance is guaranteed 14 Gbps of throughput; likewise if you divide it by 16 appliances, each instance will have 3.5 Gbps of throughput. Customers also have the option for "pay as you go" pricing with the option to mix and match the size of the virtual appliances. Array's virtualized instances do not compete for shared hardware resources, which means that cloud service providers can offer load balancing or secure access as infrastructure services with guaranteed high-performance service level agreements (SLA). The AVX7600 is currently available for sale.

Logic Monitor announces upgrades NetFlow

LogicMonitor, an automated network monitoring platform, unveiled enhancements to its Network Traffic Flow Analysis (NetFlow) capabilities as well as a new LogicMonitor user interface. Enhanced NetFlow capabilities include the ability to extract domain name system (DNS) information graphically based on the source of the traffic and the capability to drill into the port data based on established filters--among other automated monitoring features. LogicMonitor said the new user interface gives network professionals more in-depth analysis of network behavior.

"Now IT ops teams are armed with the data to optimize their network performance and protect themselves from attacks -- all from the convenience of the same LogicMonitor platform," said Steve Francis, LogicMonitor's founder and chief product officer, in a statement.

Lawsuit filed against HP regarding HP, Aruba merger

San Diego-based attorneys Robbins Arroyo filed a lawsuit against the proposed $3 billion deal that would merge Aruba Networks Inc. with Hewlett-Packard, according to The Recorder, a California-based news site that covers law and technology. According to the publication, the lawsuit alleges shareholders were short-changed and that Aruba may have locked out competing bidders. The lawsuit claims that while Aruba shareholders will receive $24.67 per share, the board of directors and management will get $144 million in special payments that are not given to regular shareholders. The deal between Aruba and HP also mandates that Aruba representatives are not allowed to talk to potential suitors and must notify HP if they share company information. If Aruba does not follow through with the proposed deal with HP, it must pay HP $90 million.

The report said that lawsuits are common in high profile mergers: More than 94% of mergers and acquisitions valued at more than $100 million in 2013 triggered shareholder litigation, The Recorder said, citing a report by Cornerstone Research.

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