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New Aerohive wireless product includes updated cloud-based management

The latest Aerohive wireless product for education customers includes an updated cloud-based management console and a new access point.

Aerohive Networks introduced a cloud-based wireless product for the education space that will provide more insight into user behavior and easier Wi-Fi management for non-IT staff.

The latest technology consists of the HiveManager Next Generation (NG) cloud platform for Wi-Fi management and an 802.11ac access point, the AP 130. The combined gear is designed to ease the burden of mobility and bring your own device management for educational organizations that may not have IT expertise or on-site help desk resources.

Aerohive has created a Wi-Fi platform that can capture more information about its users than typical wireless technology, said ZK Research analyst Zeus Kerravala. "This offering provides the tools for users to connect, and the organization can monitor what they are doing and create unique experiences, like the ability to log in with social credentials instead of a separate ID," he said.

The HiveManager NG platform, launched this week, is simple enough for non-IT administrators to use to view and troubleshoot the network, Abby Strong, Aerohive's director of product marketing, said.

HiveManager NG provides centralized network management, configuration and monitoring. Schools can set policies for its access points and switches, and view various network status and usage dashboards. Dashboards can also be rearranged on HiveManager's main interface, so administrators can see the most important information on their environment quickly, Strong said.

Aerohive also exposed application programming interfaces in HiveManager, so customers and partners can create additional, unique applications to provide more insight into a particular school's network.

HiveManager NG includes a troubleshooting console, which can monitor client activity and connectivity problems, and automatically offer recommendations to resolve the latter, Strong said. Students and teachers can connect their devices to the network, and HiveManager will automatically provision each device according to the user profile.

Small Aerohive wireless access point a good fit for schools

The AP 130 access point, the smallest in Aerohive's 802.11ac portfolio, is a two-stream device that can use existing Power over Ethernet infrastructure.

School networks are often heavily congested with users trying to download content at the same time. As a result, 802.11ac technology is preferred, because it offers faster speeds for more devices.

"Most schools have one access point for every two to three classrooms. I think we are going to start to see almost one for one," Kerravala said.         

Aerohive's latest access point has a list price of $649.

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