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SDN blogs: Is this the year to get new certifications like CCDE?

In this week's SDN blog roundup, experts are looking at new IT certifications, pet peeves about open source, and why NFV has to take off this year.

Which IT certification is next for Ivan Pepelnjak?

Ivan Pepelnjak, author of the IpSpace Blog, recently discussed the idea of furthering his studies after being questioned by one of his readers about IT certifications. Assuming Pepelnjak would want to return to continue his education, he debates the merits of going for CCDE (Cisco Certified Design Expert) in addition to his CCIE or the VMware's new VCIX-NV (Certified Associate -- Network Virtualization). Each has its advantages, he says. 

Pepelnjak cites the CCDE as being the next step in what he is familiar with because it replaces bit-by-bit protocol knowledge. He also said the VCIX-NV is new and unfamiliar territory, even though it addresses routing and switching, but in a different way.

Pepelnjak opens the question up for comment on his blog, and many readers have provided their input already, giving pros and cons for each certification.

Check out his blog post and help him decide on which certification to pursue.

Issues with open source

In a recent blog post on The Lone Sysadmin, Bob Plankers shares his biggest pet peeve about open source. He claims that "projects don't ever solve whole problems. They get 60% of the way to solving a whole problem and then run off to chase another squirrel."

Plankers uses VMware as an example of a recent project that was cut short when using open source storage.

He feels that DeployPkg is pivotal in private cloud settings and should be recommended rather than unfinished software.

Read the entire post and see if you agree or disagree.

Time for NFV to hit or miss

Currently, NFV use is minimal. Recently, however, it's been picking up steam and is gaining interest from vendors. In a recent post on CIMI Corp.'s public blog,  CIMI President Tom Nolle says 2015 is the year for NFV to either pick up and go mainstream, or essentially become non-existent.

"Either NFV gets into some really strong field trials that can prove a business case, or it loses credibility as a path to solving operator revenue/cost-per-bit problems," the post reads.

 The author feels that if either HP or Cisco latches on to NFV, the companies would immediately make an impact in the market and could challenge incumbent Alcatel-Lucent’s market share.

Read the entire post and decide whether or not you feel companies should invest their time and effort in NFV.

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