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SDN blogs: Cisco joins Open Compute; Docker, containers and the cloud

We rounded up this week's SDN blogs. Check out thoughts on Cisco's joining of Open Compute, real-world SDN use cases, and Docker, containers and the cloud.

Cisco joins the Open Compute Project

Greg Ferro covers Cisco's decision to join the Open Compute Project on his Ethereal Mind blog. Although the project has little to actually deliver today, momentum around the project is strong, and delivering profits in the next two quarters is essential to Cisco's share price. Cisco also has a history of "winning combinations" with its open/closed product strategies, including ACI/OpenDaylight, Ferro writes.

In Ferro's opinion, though, customers need to keep in mind Cisco still isn't guaranteed in the long term, and it's better to wait for clear direction from the company. If customers are looking to buy into open networking, it's better to keep purchases small and separate from critical infrastructure. However, considering the company's decision to join Open Compute, it will be interesting to see how the cost of data center hardware is lowered.

Check out more of Ferro's post to learn about Cisco's decision to join Open Compute.

SDN in the real world

On the Gartner blog site, Research Director Andrew Lerner describes a report the company just published looking at real-world use cases. He writes this doesn't include "hyper-scale web guys," like Facebook, Google, etc. Instead, the research covers how mainstream enterprises are using SDN. In total, Gartner interviewed around 40 customers that had deployed SDN in different segments of the network. These customers used platforms from 11 vendors, including HP, Big Switch, VMware, Cisco, and Plexxi.

Lerner notes that there are only an estimated 500 to 1,000 deployments of SDN globally. But interestingly, roughly half of those deployments use technology from vendors, such as VMware and NEC, that don't make the top five in switching revenue.

Check out more of Lerner's post and download the full report looking at SDN in the real world.

Docker containers and the cloud

On the Forrester blog site, principal analyst Dave Bartoletti reviewed Docker and the impact it's poised to have in 2015. Docker has been gaining buzz, and although it's new, containers are not. However, Docker containers are easier to use and allow companies to gain benefits big cloud providers already have. Bartoletti writes that every big name vendor is looking at Docker, including Google, IBM and VMware. VMware pushed Docker support as a key message at VMworld, while Microsoft recently announced it will deliver technology that's aligned with Docker containers in a future release of Windows Server.

Take a look at Bartoletti’s post in its entirety and read a brief to learn more about Docker.

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