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New Extreme switch and AP for high-performance, midsize networks

New Extreme switch and wireless access point introduced by Extreme Networks delivers high levels of network performance at a lower price point.

Extreme Networks introduced a new Summit X460-G2 switch and an IdentiFi Wireless AP 3805 for midsize, high-performance networks.

The new Extreme switch and access point offer performance at a more accessible price for businesses looking to scale into the future, or get started with software-defined networking (SDN).

"These new products will allow customers to expand their network easily and cost-effectively," said Craig Mathias, principal at the advisory firm Farpoint Group, based in Ashland, Mass. "The high-capacity switch has been designed for the current version of .11ac products, and the new .11ac access point is a product that businesses would be easily able to deploy anywhere."

New Extreme switch to ready networks for greater capacity

The new Summit X460-G2 Wired switch and the IdentiFi Wireless AP 3805 are included in Extreme's Unified Edge portfolio of access layer products, a part of the vendor's software-defined architecture, said Mike Leibovitz, director of mobility and applications for Extreme Networks. Extreme is developing a hardened version of the open source OpenDaylight controller which will integrate with Unified Edge products to allow network operators to migrate their existing infrastructure over to an existing network.

Extreme's promise to integrate these new products into its SDN approach assures a migration path for network operators, Farpoint's Mathias said. "Right now it's still about provisioning basic capability at a reasonable price, but over time, enterprises will be looking for more sophisticated traffic management features and these switches have that capability," he said.

The Summit X460-G2 is a fixed Gigabit edge switch available in ten different models, with various options for as 1/10/40GbE uplinks. The switch runs Extreme's XOS, and customers can integrate it into existing stacks of Extreme switches, no rip and replace needed, Leibovitz said.

"With the X460-G2's stacking capability, you can add that switch right to the stack, so it's really appealing to our customers who won't have to rip out a huge investment, even if in a couple years from now, the enterprise adopts .11ac Wave 2 technology," he said.

The gigabit throughput of 802.11ac Wi-Fi has revealed that many wired networks lack enough bandwidth at the edge to support such wireless speeds. "Enterprises need to make sure that there is no bottleneck at the switch when they add additional capacity with .11n," Mathias said.

Extreme Gigabit access point the perfect fit for midsize deployments

The IdentiFi Wireless 802.11ac AP 3805 is an entry-level, low-cost alternative to Extreme's 3825 gigabit wireless access point, which is designed for large-scale deployments, Leibovitz said.

The AP 3805 offers two-stream 802.11ac performance in a small form factor. It can help businesses ensure a consistent voice, video and multimedia experience for users, and the technology offers SDN integration with UC applications such as Lync, as well as integration with mobile device and BYOD management and content filtering technology, according to Extreme. "The new [IdentiFi AP 3805] offers all the same features and functionality that the IdentiFi portfolio offers, at a lower price," Leibovitz said.

"The AP 3805 rounds out our portfolio, and allows customers to have more options for what suits [their environments]," he said. "The price point would make it very suitable for medium-to-high density K-12 educational environments, or within hospitality."

Both the Summit X460-G2 and the IdentiFi AP 3805 can be used with Extreme Networks' NetSight management and Purview analytics platforms, Extreme said.

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