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SDN blogs: Docker networking and CoreOS; whitebox market share

This week's SDN bloggers explore Docker Networking, hypervisors and CoreOS; the importance of network automation; and current white-box market share.

We rounded up the best of this week's SDN blogs and featured bloggers who explored the relationship between hypervisors, containers, CoreOS and Docker; an argument for network automation; and white-box market share.

Containers, Hypervisors, CoreOS, and Docker Networking: The Basics

On this Ethereal Mind site, author Greg Ferro dedicated a post to explaining the differences between containers, hypervisors, Docker Networking and CoreOS. He lists specific differences between hypervisors and containers, such as how containers virtualize at the operating system level, while hypervisors do so at the hardware level.

Ferro also explains how Docker can be used and how it affects workflow, business processes and infrastructure.

Take a look at Ferro's full post exploring containers, CoreOS, hypervisors, and Docker.

An argument for network automation and decoupling

Ivan Pepelnjak writes about network infrastructure as a database on his IP Space blog. In a previous post, Pepelnjak wrote that network infrastructure should be treated like code -- written, tested and deployed. The best way to illustrate this is to think about the network as a large transactional database within an organization.

By viewing the network like a database, it's key to have thoroughly tested "transactions" (aka programs or scripts) to make changes to network devices. These transactions could be treated like any application code tested in a lab environment before touching the production network. Pepelnjak lists common objections to this and ends his post by suggesting decoupling as another alternative to a full network automation platform.

Read Pepelnjak's full post on viewing network infrastructure as a database.

What's new with white-box market share

On the Gartner blog site, analyst Andrew Lerner wrote a post summarizing some noteworthy results from Gartner's research on data center Ethernet switching. While it's no surprise Cisco has more than 50% of total share within the space, one thing that caught Lerner's eye was that self-built or ODM switch ports account for 3.8% of overall port shipments.

Lerner wonders what kind of OS people are running on these switches. Typically, there are two options: writing your own or installing a third-party switching OS. At the end of the day, Lerner says he's seeing calls from enterprise folks interested in white-label switch ports, proving the impact that SDN is having on mainstream enterprises.

Check out Lerner's poston the current white-box market share in its entirety.

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