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SDN blogs: Cisco job cuts; SDN, app delivery; DevOps and APIs

SDN bloggers take a look at how Cisco job cuts could affect those using Cisco products, SDN and app delivery, and whether or not there is truly a business case for SDN.

Bloggers took to the Web this week to discuss whether or not the industry is handling SDN, DevOps, and APIs correctly; if there really is a business case for SDN; and how recent Cisco job cuts could affect networking engineers using the company's products.

SDN, DevOps and APIs: Are we doing it right?

On his personal blog site, author Jason Edelman explores whether the industry is on the right path with regard to SDN, DevOps and APIs.

Edelman explores the relationships between SDN and APIs, questioning whether exposed APIs will ever be put to use by the average network engineer. He also wonders how DevOps will gather, interpret and correlate data. Edelman also adds a section dedicated to NetOps, or DevOps tooling for networking, and how this will fit into an SDN world.

Take a look at Edelman's post in its entirety, exploring the relationships between SDN, DevOps and APIs.

Cisco job cuts: What does this mean for you?

On his Ethereal Mind site, author Greg Ferro explores the ramifications of Cisco’s move to cut 6,000 jobs. Ferro questions how this reduction in head count will impact the products that network architects use. Less testing and fewer products of lower quality are all likely outcomes of the lost jobs, he writes. Ferro says Cisco software already has a reputation for shipping early with little testing. With fewer engineers on staff, Ferro wonders whether customers will be left to find and resolve software bugs on their own.

Ferro also points out how startups benefit from ex-Cisco (or ex-Juniper) employees, and that startups are costing the networking giant money. Ferro summarizes his post by writing that he is concerned the cuts will affect testing and quality assurance, while it's possible some product lines could be discontinued. Customers should keep a close eye on Cisco as the company transitions its business.

Read Ferro's post in its entirety to see how Cisco job cuts could affect those using Cisco products.

Is there a business case for SDN?

On his Virtualized Geek blog, author Keith Townsend looks at why SDN alone doesn't offer a very convincing business perspective. Both VMware NSX and Cisco ACI have brought attention to SDN and what it can be used for, but as a standalone technology, Townsend writes that there's much more to think about, including the significant cost associated with deploying SDN.

He likens the movement to that of IP telephony and voice communication, writing that IP telephony isn't better than voice communication but is instead part of a digital collaboration that includes video, instant messaging and other mediums. SDNs value is similar, in that when determining a business solution, SDN should just be part of the solution while supporting a larger transformation effort.

Check out Townsend's full post looking at the business case for SDN.

SDN is driving new requirements for app delivery

On the F5 DevCentral site, author Lori MacVittie looks at the new requirements being driven for SDN app delivery by agility, mobile, cloud, DevOps and SDN. Even though the main focus in the past has been on making apps fast, secure and available, the app is evolving into a major player in determining if businesses will fail or succeed. SDN apps still need to be fast and secure, writes MacVittie, but they also need to get to market quickly and more efficiently. IT and business must work together to deliver applications.

In turn, this is requiring the network to evolve toward supporting all apps that interact with a variety of users. Since a big portion of the network resides in Layer 4-7 application services, SDN app delivery must continue to evolve, while adapting to the new requirements behind SDN, DevOps, and the like.

Read MacVittie’s post in its entirety to learn more about SDN's role in the evolving requirements for application delivery.

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