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SDN blogs: Open source SDN; SDN adoption pace remains high

SDN bloggers review open source SDN, SDN adoption rates skyrocketing, SDN beyond agility, and they take a thorough look at OpenFlow.

This week, SDN bloggers took a look at how open source SDN continues to take shape among vendors, how SDN adoption rates are higher than initially predicted, and all you need to know about OpenFlow.

Open source SDN drawing attention from vendors

On his OpenDaylight blog, Executive Director Neela Jacques looked at the growing shift to open source SDN on the part of network vendors. For OpenDaylight to succeed, users must unify around a common framework, and according to Jacques, this is becoming a reality.

Jacques takes an in-depth look at an SDN platform by Extreme Networks that's based on the OpenDaylight controller. He includes a diagram of the platform and notes that, according to a recent survey, Extreme is one of many vendors to understand users' need to deploy SDN without disrupting their existing infrastructure. As a result, more vendors are moving away from a fully proprietary approach to SDN and are instead choosing to collaborate behind the OpenDaylight controller.

Check out Jacques' full post looking at the current shift to open source SDN.

SDN adoption rates set to accelerate

On his Ethereal Mind blog, author Greg Ferro summarizes a recent survey by Infonetics Research that says 87%of medium- to large-sized businesses are planning to have SDN in their data centers by 2016. Ferro compares this to survey data from 2013, where 75 %of customers expected to deploy SDN within the next five years. At the end of the day, evidence is pointing to the pace of SDN adoption increasing beyond what vendors and users initially thought. For vendors in particular, this means that SDN products that are already shipping will have first-to-market advantage.

Take a look at Ferro’s post summarizing SDN adoption rates in the near future.

All you need to know about OpenFlow

In part two of a three-part series on his Keeping it Classless site, author Matt Oswalt breaks down everything you need to know about the OpenFlow 1.3 protocol. The goal of the post, Oswalt writes, is to address the main concepts of OpenFlow's operations. Oswalt covers OpenFlow tables, OpenFlow matching, and OpenFlow actions and instructions. A section is also dedicated to proactive versus reactive flow instantiation, with Oswalt detailing the ins and outs of both.

The post ends with sections dedicated to OpenFlow deployment models and hardware feature disparity. Whether or not users deploy OpenFlow, Oswalt writes there's no denying it's the "tip of the spear" that's been disrupting the industry for the past five years or so, and it's key to having engineers think about their network in an abstract way.

Read Oswalt's post in its entirety, breaking down everything you need to know about OpenFlow.

Agility is great, but SDN is more

On the Gartner blog site, Andrew Lerner, research director, writes that although the majority of SDN conversations center on agility, the biggest benefit of SDN is that it fosters long-term innovation in networking. Other tools like Puppet and Chef can aid in agility, while SDN can also help innovate independently in hardware and software. Software innovation isn't tied to hardware and vice-versa, he writes. This is also why there is importance regarding northbound API initiatives that are expected to come out of both OpenDaylight and the Open Networking Foundation.

Check out Lerner's post about SDN beyond agility talks.

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