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SDN blogs: Winning SDN market share; automation or SDN?

We rounded up this week's best SDN blogs that look at vendors winning SDN market share, whether automation and SDN are one in the same and big moves for OpenDaylight.

This week's best SDN blogs took a look at vendors winning SDN market share, whether automation and SDN are one in the same and how big moves are being made by OpenDaylight.

Scripting, scale and SDN

On his Ethereal Mind blog, author Greg Ferro takes a look at the challenges many face with scripting for automation. His experiences have been less than stellar, he writes, between recompiled operating systems, changes in APIs and eventually having to reinvent the wheel all together. Out of seven scripting automation platforms Ferro has used within the past two decades, none have worked out well due to scripting doesn't scale.

However, Ferro hopes SDN will be an answer to these problems. With SDN, the tedious parts of scripting are cut out and handled by SDN constructs. Although some scripts may remain useful for the companies that are paying for them, Ferro writes his efforts in scripting is becoming more limited, since in a year or two, the scripts will most likely be dead.

Check out Ferro's post in its entirety, looking at scripting's downfalls with scaling and how SDN can help.

Winning SDN market share

On The Peering Introvert blog, author Ethan Banks reviewed a blog post by Plexxi's Mike Bushong, which looked at early deployments of SDN and predicted who the leaders will be in the market space. Banks writes that Bushong's point highlights two important trends: investors want to predict where the networking market is heading because of SDN and customers are still trying to understand why they need SDN. Long-term SDN winners will be decided based on use cases and sales, he writes. Vendors simply must demonstrate how SDN products solve problems in practical ways.

Take a look at Banks' post reviewing Bushong's initial thoughts on SDN market share.

Automation versus SDN: Which is better?

On the Current Analysis IT connection blog, author Mike Fratto took a look at automation and SDN, and whether one necessarily needs the other to work. He writes that it is possible to use automation without SDN, but you can't use SDN without automation. Additionally, enterprises may not necessarily need SDN and can gain all the benefits they need from automation alone. Fratto delves deeper and explains the differences between SDN and automation, giving examples of where each is used.

Check out Fratto's full post looking at automation and SDN, and where the two intersect.

Recent moves at OpenDaylight

Analyst Andrew Lerner takes a look at recent announcements at OpenDaylight in a blog post on the Gartner blog site. Extreme Networks' recent announcement of including OpenDaylight code in its SDN controller is a major development for the project. Vendors pulling OpenDaylight into commercialized product brings the project beyond "science project" status. Although OpenDaylight still has a long way to go, Lerner writes one of the greatest promises the project could potentially deliver on is a standardized northbound API that can be widely used in the industry.

Take a look at Lerner's thoughts on OpenDaylight's recent progress.

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