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SDN blogs: Where is the open source BGP; what is Docker networking?

SDN bloggers examine the future of Docker networking and why there have been no good open source BGP implementations.

SDN bloggers take a look at Docker networking, whether or not there have been any good BGP implementations, and how to solve policy problems in the data center.

What can you do with Docker networking?

Jason Edelman explored Docker networking in a post on his personal site. He focused on the steps he took to test the open source Linux container protocol Docker by analyzing the network constructs that are automatically configured during container creation. Edelman used screenshots to document his process. He also explained what can be done in the future with Docker networking, including testing with OVS custom bridges and more creative Layer 2-3 designs.

Take a look at Edelman's full post exploring what can be done with Docker networking.

Where are all the BGP implementations?

In a post on his Ethereal Mind site, author Greg Ferro questioned why there aren't any good open source Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) implementations. Vendors like Cisco and Juniper are quick to laude BGP, but it's difficult to find an open source implementation of the protocol that anyone would define as mission-critical. The problem is that "having dozens of competing commercial products" won't grow the market, Ferro wrote. Open source projects, on the other hand, would.

Decide if it's true what Ferro wrote: Is there no such thing as a good BGP implementation?

Solving policy problems in the data center

In the second part of a two-part series on the Network Heresy site, various authors looked at possible solutions to a common policy problem in the data center: ensuring the data center obeys real-works rules and regulations. Key features are present in solutions that work to address these problems. The authors broke down the post by responding to four questions:

  • What are the policy sources a policy system must accommodate?
  • How do those sources express the desired policy to the system?
  • How does the policy system interact with data center services?
  • What can the policy system do once it has the policy?

Take a look at the post in its entirety, which explores solutions to the common policy problem in the data center.

Is the open networking revolution about hardware or independent network apps?

On her personal blog, The Borg Queen, Brocade's Lisa Caywood responded to an article on Network World in which author Art Fewell noted the difference between open networking and SDN -- and specifically called for the market to avoid vendor lock-in SDN application ecosystems. Fewell insisted users must opt for open network hardware that allows users to swap out operating systems and software as needed. Caywood agreed with some of Fewell's points, but she differed on one major angle: The key to an application-independent ecosystem isn't necessarily open hardware, but standardized northbound protocols on open controllers.

Take a look at some of the differing views between Caywood and Fewell regarding the open networking revolution.

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