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Compuware APM, now with deeper visibility into mobile, third-party apps

Compuware APM will now include visibility into mobile, Web and enterprise applications on its DC RUM platform.

Compuware Corp. has integrated its Data Center Real-User Monitoring platform with its other application monitoring tools to extend visibility into mobile, Web and enterprise applications beyond the borders of the enterprise data center.

Since many businesses now rely on cloud services and mobile applications, IT needs better visibility into these external systems via their application performance management (APM) tools so they can quickly characterize performance issues and take action.

Compuware APM: Expanding IT's view outside of the data center  

The updated Data Center Real-User Monitoring (DC RUM) software now integrates with Compuware's APM platform, dynaTrace, for user-experience monitoring for mobile and Web environments. DC RUM also integrates with the vendor's APM as a Service for synthetic monitoring, giving enterprises an extended, single-console view of applications outside of the enterprise data center.

"We've had the components for a number of years, but this release brings together these pieces. From an operational point of view, IT can now see wherever an application touches -- including to a third-party or their own back-end data center -- in a single stream," said Mike Hicks, senior product manager for network performance monitoring at Compuware. "IT can now not only compare what's going on [with transactions], but break out specific information and give it to the right silos ... like networking professionals."

The platform's integration with the Synthetic Monitoring for Mobile and Web technology gives IT visibility into the performance of third-party applications and content providers using probes at the edge of the enterprise network to monitor incoming external traffic, and how long users are waiting for external content -- including SaaS business applications -- to render. "Businesses have to be able to figure out if there are performance degradations or outages, and decipher whether it's stemming from their own services, or a third party," said Jim Frey, vice president of research and network management at Enterprise Management Associates.

Consumer-facing companies especially are relying on internally generated content, as well as material coming from outside the organization. If any piece is slow, users will encounter the dreaded blank screen, which could mean lost business, Frey said. Some application architectures can render content with partial data, but those missing pieces are important to the user experience, too, he said. "Businesses need to be able to track down whether their users are having a satisfying experience on their websites, but also be able to keep taps on the pieces coming in front outside the organization," Frey said. 

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DC RUM will also give IT better visibility into mobile environments with the integration of dynaTrace's real-user monitoring capabilities for mobile and Web environments, which provides analysis of user visits, including visibility into each click-through to a mobile application or website by users, and subsequent performance analytics -- including conversions and bounce rates, Detroit-based Compuware said.

"It's important for businesses to be able to test the major Web platforms -- like looking at Safari on iPhones, and Chrome on an Android device -- and seeing how an application is performing in each platform and device to figure out how likely they are going to be able to deliver a quality experience to whoever comes to the [company's] Web app," Frey said.

The DC RUM platform -- now with APM as a Service and real-user monitoring for mobile and Web technology is now available as a free software update for customers, Compuware's Hicks said.

Compuware partners with Emulex to boost app performance, visibility into the past

The APM market has been in a state of flux in recent years, and vendors have been adding more capabilities to satisfy the demands and expectations of enterprise IT teams. APM vendors have been working to keep up with the market by adding new features. In addition to its recent real-time capabilities, Compuware also added retrospective performance analysis to its DC RUM platform through a partnership with Emulex Corp. DC RUM Version 12.2, available now, uses Emulex's Endace Fusion Connector to deliver historical packet-level analysis of application performance. Emulex's EndaceProbe Intelligent Network Recorder appliance gives IT the ability to retrieve up to four days of data that IT admins can tap into in the event they need to diagnose a performance problem, said Steve Tack, vice president of product management for Compuware.

"One of the largest trends is the dynamic nature of applications in an infrastructure, and when you think about how many different transactions are served in environments like a virtual infrastructure, the environment is constantly changing. If you need to solve a problem and if it's a problem that occurred half an hour ago or two days ago, you now have access to that information," he said.

The EndaceProbe appliance is engineered with a capability of 10 Gbps of throughput, and Emulex said it will release a 40 Gbps version of EndaceProbe later this summer.

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