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SDN blogs: Ansible for network automation; SDN, IPv6 hype?

Bloggers look at network automation with Ansible; SDN, IPv6 hype; and the differences between SDN, automation and orchestration.

SDN bloggers take a look at network automation with Ansible; the differences between SDN, automation and orchestration; SDN, IPv6 hype; and whether or not NFV will come to fruition before SDN.

How to use Ansible for network automation

Jason Edelman dedicated a post to explaining why engineers don't need to be "hardcore programmers" on his personal blog. Edelman concluded that it is more important for engineers to learn technology – like the open source orchestration Ansible tool – than to learn programming.

He included a demo on how to use Ansible to automate network configuration tasks on Cisco routers.

Take a look at Edelman's post showing a demo of using Ansible for network automation.

SDN, automation and orchestration: What's the difference?

On his Ethereal Mind blog, author Greg Ferro broke down the differences between SDN, automation and orchestration. SDN, he said, is an interlocking group of technologies that ultimately uses software used to control network hardware. Automation, though, is the use of software to reduce the operational workload of configuration, troubleshooting and asset management. Lastly, orchestration is the use of automation to provide services through the use of applications that drive the network.

Check out Ferro's full post to understand the differences between SDN, automation and orchestration.

Why SDN, IPv6 hype is similar

Ivan Pepelnjak drew conclusions about SDN and IPv6 hype on his IP Space blog. Experts have been touting various business benefits of SDN; however, Pepelnjak recognized these benefits were all too similar to those listed for IPv6. He added that many of the upsides of IPv6 remain myths and legends, and in reality, IPv6 introduced more complexities than it did benefits.

Read Pepelnjak's post explaining the similarities between SDN and IPv6 hype.

Will NFV come to fruition before SDN?

On the Silver Peak blog, analyst Jim Metzler explored whether or not network functions virtualization (NFV) will come about in practical use cases before SDN. Even though many claim SDN is coming, Metzler gave examples regarding the onslaught of NFV, and how the initial push to get NFV off the group from service providers could give it a leg up over SDN. Metzler talked mainly about the Industry Specifications Group for Network Functions Virtualization and the various proof of concepts and use cases that have emerged as a result of the organization. The group is moving more quickly than anticipated, leading Metzler to surmise that NFV will continue to be more immediately beneficial than SDN in the months ahead.

Take a look at Metzler's full post explaining current NFV use cases and why NFV is developing more quickly than SDN.

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